NOOB BUILD! (my first build)


Thank you Rock Lobbster . I did find the way to do that. In the mean time, the latest issue is with the "chest base layer". Every single piece in this file does not line up with the one next to it. you can see in the below images that there is no way these two pieces go together.

PXL_20201028_145030795.jpg PXL_20201028_145052666_LI.jpg

These pieces are all from the same pattern, not printed from different scaling iterations. Some of them are from even the same page. When I measure the edges on the armorsmith file even they are different lengths. Not sure what went wrong here or how to fix it...

I printed 46 pages of this damn pattern and none of them seem to fit together...

Rusty 714

Ok so, its been a while. Life has been pretty busy and I have been working a lot. Not necessarily as much on this project as I should however. I did get my right forearm pep'd. I think its pretty good.

View attachment 298624 View attachment 298625

I cant do a pic wearing it because the wrist part is exactly the right size for where it is going to sit on my wrist and i can't fit my hand through it. I have to resin and fiberglass and cut it before I can do a wearing it pic.

Scaling the left forearm, I realized that the patterns from the armory have the right forearm twice. There is no different pattern for the left forearm. While the pieces are just mirrors of each other, I would really prefer to have a pattern for each. Does anyone know if there is a way to print out the pattern for a mirrored piece on armorsmith? Otherwise, does anyone have a pep file for the left ODST forearm? I can probs figure it out but I would rather have the right file to work with.
Looks good :)


Couldn't tell you there, I made mine out of foam so I'm just used to my own "user error" haha. I would recommend making the chest base at least out of foam however just for the sake of comfort.
ya know, i considered that maybe I just suck, but my other work is going fine. I have been working on the left forearm and having great success. I actually think its the pattern. I REALLY dont want to make manual adjustments to every damn piece in this pattern...


Ok update time. First, progress- I have both forearm pieces pep'd and have begun the resin layers. Its has been kinda cold here in Virginia so I have had to wait a good while between layers. Regardless, they are looking good. The last pic is my low budget system for letting the outside resin layers dry while keeping shape of the piece and not gluing it to a table by accident. It worked pretty well.

PXL_20201106_034321771.jpg PXL_20201106_034330898.jpg PXL_20201105_174849352.jpg

I have also gone back into the "Chest Base layer" pattern and fiddled around some more. I think I fixed my issue. I am not going to go into it too much but if anyone is having a similar problem PM me or something. I rescaled and reprinted that stuff again, but I haven't started cutting and folding yet. I have also been thinking about undersuit layers and whatnot and have a good plan for that. Hopefully, I will be able to get some work done next week on the chest base and get those forearms fiberglassed.