Noobie, making Halo Mark VI HD MJOLNIR Armor.


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Never attempted anything like this but have wanted to make a set of Halo armour for a while.

With Halo 5 on the way i figured now was the time to make it ready for the release.

I was inspired alot by the build from LongShot-X here >>

I have already selected my Pepakura files and put them together.

The full suit, the thighs look quite big here but they fit so i dunno if they will end up looking ok.

Close up of the helmet

I will be soon moving onto the resin/fiberglass stage.

I have plans to install some feature to the helmet. Lights, and a fan cooling system. Also a mount for a gopro to sit behind the visor,

For the rest of the suit I intend to wire led lights throughout to give it a bit more depth than just painted.

Also at this stage I have worked out for the most part what under armour I shall be using. If there is any interest I can post links to what I am using.


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Longshot-X is so great, he will be mentoring me on mine :). Everything is looking great so far! How long did it take you to pepakura all that?


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It has taken a lot longer than I thought it would have.
Once I had finished planning what I was gonna do; which was quite a few nights sat in front of the laptop working it out. I then spent a few nights getting scales correct.
Then I moved on to the Pepakura.

These times include the many laborious hours scoring the pages:
Hands Plates 3-4 Hours each
Boots 6 Hours Each
Shins 6 Hours Each
Thighs 8 Hours Each (I have also added custom supports to keep the shape)
Codpeice 8-10 Hours (Added custom supports)
Bicep 10 Hours Each
Forearm 11 Hours Each
Helmet 20 Hours
Chest plate 24ish Hours

This doesn't include the time I have spent sourcing parts, working out what LEDs to use, finding the fans for inside the helmet etc.


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Looking good so far. The resin process in next. Keep up the good work.


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Great job so far, dude!

From what I can see in those pics you did a really nice job of gluing and folding each part very neatly.

That will look really good when you get it all fiberglassed and bondo'd :)

And yes, please do share links for the underarmour components you'll be using.


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Well done! Now I'm starting to cringe a little at the project that I am planning on doing (EVA foam chiefs for all 3 kids and then a fiber glass one for me)!


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Thanks for the comments, I am sure I am going to need the encouragement as there are many laborious hours to go.

I have also been invited to be on a float in JULY for a local thing in the Chief NEW DEADLINE!!!!

Here are links to what I have bought for the under-armour components.

Chest armour piece. (Under this I have a a dark grey baselayer that is super light and wicking, hopefully wont get to sweaty)

Gloves. I want to add either a conductive pad or conductive thread so I can use my phone

Legs. These are quite comfortable, if you consider buying these online, get a size bigger than you think they come up small.

Boots These have laces and a side zip hopefully I can make it so they slip on off easily.

I also have a pair of long thin black socks that I tuck the leggings into which keep it in nice a snug.

I still havent decided on what I will use on my neck (Suggestions Welcome)


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A little update, I have gotten hold of the visor I plan on using, I am going for the due visor look. However I don't plan on cutting until I have got the helmet to work out what I can cut away.


Unsure how I will glue the two visors together tho. Suggestions from other builds welcome, obviously I haven't looked into this part to much yet.


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I bring some more photos to you guys to check out.

Either I am being a muppet or its fiddily but I cant find a way to resize photos so they are tiny for now.

On the Codpeice because it was very weak even with its supports I made a few custom ones that hold the structure more they are between the pre existing ones.




I have also been looking into ways to mount my phone to the left forearm, and I am running into a bit of a block. I have seen the tacpad files but I has a Galaxy s3 which has a large screen and once scaled the tac pad pieces would be huge.

Also shall be taking pictures of what I have done to the thigh pieces as well as they were very weak as the raw file.


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Your Pepakura work is incredibly clean, good job.
Thanks, some of the bits arnt all that clean especially where there is very fine detail. I sort of covered it in glue and accepted it would end up getting g lost with bondo.

I liked using the UHU glue tho, it drys relatively quickly but you have a few minutes where you can peel it away if it isn't quite right. And when it sets it is very hard so I haven't really noticed much warping on my peices.


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Its been a little while since I put up any progress.

While I am waiting to get into the workshop to do fiberglassing on the suit I have been working on weapon.

I started with a basic pepakura assault rifle with the intention to add details to it.

20150507_003129.jpg 20150507_230418.jpg

Lines where I intend to add detail.

20150507_233606.jpg 20150508_092606.jpg

Relatively sloppy resin job ( first time ever using it )

20150508_103038.jpg 20150508_114127.jpg

EVA Foam and plasticard to add detail

20150514_190544.jpg 20150514_190548.jpg

Primer over the EVA so it doesnt hold dust

20150514_190553.jpg 20150516_111240.jpg

Hole for the switch for the flashlight and access to glue it in ( will later be sealed up with plasticard and make up some detailing)

20150516_111249.jpg 20150517_222843.jpg

Managed to get epoxy inside the original switch so had to upgrade to a larger one (these switches will be used for the suit lighting)

20150518_204312.jpg 20150524_173818.jpg

Using Acrylic I sandwiched a image of the lcd panel then filed down and glued LEDs to the back and tested the circuit for many many hours.

20150524_200858.jpg 20150524_203518.jpg

LED panel glued in place will tidy up with bondo and smooth down (leaving the plastic protection until painted)

20150524_205618.jpg 20150524_205627.jpg


This is the progress so far. Lots more to do make a magnitised panel to hide the electronics, tidy the rear of gun, add detailing, paint etc and the rest.



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Time to give a few updates on the suit.

The guns have been sanded down and smoothed off and had the first set of painting done this was just cheap car paint from amazon but it sets nicely so happy days.


A start has been made with dry-brushing silver paint on for battle damge and ware, also made a stencil of the UNSC to put on the gun for effect. this guy has used artistic license alot.

1442820457902.jpg 1442820463510.jpg

Thanks for reading guys more updates on the way.

Links for the paint I used if curious.
Black Gloss


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With the resin stage I found a very quick method for stopping warping to a degree. The resin I had for fiberglassing was quite slow curing which meant if anything needed supporting while setting it took sodding ages.
So I used fast cast resin for the first inside and outside coats. Here!/...sin/fast-cast-polyurethane-casting-resin.html

With a thin coat this resin sets in 5-10 mins which meant i could harden all the pieces quite quickly.


Different workshop space to work on all the pieces.


Still fiberglassing chest and codpeice, helmet and feet are being bondo.


Its like icing a cake with super hard icing that needs sand paper to shape.




things are moving along, the feet did have an issue where I went with the 3 piece design not 2, I figured I could use magnets on them quite easily but in practicality it worked out that they would fall apart alot, so I used LX on tape to hold the pieces together and used a few stripes of fiberglass to bond them together which worked very well. (also put mind at rest s little bit thaat if any part ever broke it would be simple to fix)

More Updates on the way.


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Few more updates, Helmet fits sorry for the creepy eyes, luckily they will be behind a visor.


Foot pieces fit quite nicely, still deciding how I want to attach it all.


Forarms fit nicely as well, lots of bondo to be done on these.


Helemt is gonna be a lot of work to make it look good, many revisists with the bondo, SO MUCH SANDING. Glad I have a electric mouse sander.



Fitting the visor I borrowed the method from I think LongshotX its been a while since I read his build. I masking taped off all the area I didn't want expending foam to touch inside. I also covered the visor in cling film to protect the surface. Then i used a few bits of tape to hold the visor in place, then filled all the gaps with foam so it could expand out.

Once it was all dry I cut away the excess removed the visor, and took out all the masking tape, I then filled the expanding foam with Bondo to harden it also as it is porous. Also expanding foam can be fragile so I didn't want it to crush.




After the Foam and bondo there is a pretty good finish slight bit of gap but nothing a bit of sanding cannot fix.


Also you can see I have already drilled out the holes for the LED's and I found a nice solution for a tidy fitting and easy removal if needed, no glue is required really. I will put that in the next post.