Northern California roll call


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Wanted to see who we got up here in Northern California! I’ve been seeing more Halo cosplayer’s at local events and would like to see the community on my area grow :3


Apologies if you live in that forgotten dead zone known as “anything above Sacramento”


Well-Known Member's not the dead zone. That area is the Twilight Zone and that is where I reside.

Haha, that's fair enough.

Tagging some folks I'm seeing on the member map:
Kyle1538, SJSUSPARTAN, Dark1sniper, CavernousLemur, DerpathonRunner, kilroyactual117, EvoAegis, jsg6, SLDR1234, Ender007, jjsan72, CavernousLemur, Justin Ghazal, SkyBox, NobleODST, Sairren, Damnitmarco, markvo1987, Cotton209, CoolRextreme, JetFireRR, TyrDropProps, Spartan054, Jwave, TauterHobo 007, Yelsanick0117, DnA

Who's interested in forming a Northern California Battalion?

To do so, we'd need 5 "deployed" members.

So please let me know if you're interested in joining a potential NorCal Battalion, if you're a deployed member, or if you're interested in becoming one and what steps you need help with in order to achieve that status.


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I live in the Central Coast, but I go up to Sacramento every year for the Winter SacAnime and see 4-6 Halo cosplayers there. I have yet to fully complete my armor, but would love to meet up with anyone up there.

Rusty 714

I live in Anaheim Hills and I would definitely be interested in joining a battalion but I'm not a deployed member yet
(EDIT) my apologies for replying so late. I didn't notice until just now


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Hi all! This is wonderful that you are all finding one another! Just as a note, Battalions are formed by active groups local to one another. So, once you are all operating together as a team so to speak for awhile, we'll be happy to look at forming a Battalion for you! #squadgoals

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