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OK I don't wanna buy 2 visors, what if I bought one, made a foam stencil of the raised parts from my legendary edition replica helmet, scaled it correctly, put that over the visor, then blasted it with layers of clear-coat?

do you think it'd work? how many layers do ya think?
Foam does not make a good mask for spray paint - been there, done that for other work-related applications. You'll get overspray and it'll look poopy. You might be better off using painter's blue tape with scotch tape at the edges.

You might have to get 2 visors anyway, just in case that idea doesn't work. ;)
My advice to you would be if you don't want to spend the bucks for two visors. Get some gold Pin striping. Use that on the outside of your shield to make the raised spots. Cheap, easy. Only down side is those spots will be blind spots, be careful walking.
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