'Nother Noob Helmet - Laser-cut

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Hello all. I'm new here and I am amazed by some of the work that has been going on. It inspired me to create my own Pep armor, starting with the helmet.

I got the files directly from Frizzlefry's great tut thread: http://405th.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1648

I then converted the files so that I could lasercut all the piece from posterboard. After an hour or two of hot-glueing, this is the result:




Next up will be resin and detailing.
Laser cut? what? no fair, some of us have to spend a long time cutting with old fashion siscors....

That helmet looks amazing, perfectly cut, detailed, everything....you should try making flying's helmet, or dani's they are both the most detailed right now.
Just because I don't know, what's laser cutting?

That looks awesome, a lot better than my helmet started out.

I'm actually suprised to see another doing the original Halo 2 helm and not Flying's or Danni's.

But just know, if you want it to look accurate, you're going to have to do a heck of a lot of detailing. I'm figuring that out now, lol.

Anyway, good luck!
very nice. laser cutting.....thats like those metal cutting programs that hook up to cutting machines? very high tech.

how long did that take you in all?
Laser cutting machines are machines that use a small high powered laser to slice paper or other materials just as they should be, the machine cuts the pieces out 1 by 1, but alot faster.
Thanks fellas! This Pep stuff is a lot of fun. Of course if I had to sit down and do all the cuts by hand, I might have a different story. :lol:

AoBfrost thanks for pointing out flying_squirl's version. I have now officially switched to that helmet. I have converted the files and hopefully I can cut them out this weekend.

Also AoBfrost's description of the laser is essentially correct. It cuts the pieces out, puts on the numbers on and scores the folds. Takes about 30 minutes to cut out the whole helmet.

Thanks again, and I'll keep updating.
PillowFire said:
laser cutting...lol, how much is this machine and where do you get it?
Yeah, haha. I'd like to spare myself the hours of scoring/cutting torture, even if I've got to go to a place to pay for it...
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we use a laser cutting machine ($40,000) to cut the acrylic for our swords. i can't help but think the time it would take to laser cut posterboard would be wayyy longer than the time it would take to cut out regular old cardstock. reguardless the helm looks gr8
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