ODCA's foam unfolds (and unfold requests)


405th Regiment Officer
Hello 405th!

Recently I've been unfolding a lot of pepakura files for foam and learning a lot of neat tricks with the program
And I wanted to give back to the community that has done so much for me

So I'm making this thread to post the unfolds I make and I'll also be taking unfold requests for foam (Halo and sometimes non-Halo)
of course, the models posted here will all be submitted to the armory


Halo: Reach

-Commando UA/FC attachment

Halo 3


Halo 5: Guardians

-Helljumper Full Armor
-Enforcer Helmet

Halo Infinite

-Master Chief Helmet (fortnite)
-Master Chief Armor (fortnite)
-Mk 7 Helmet
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405th Regiment Officer
Let's start off strong, with a pair of helmets I personally can't wait to see people start building

Halo infinite chief, extracted from Fortnite by pep master, and Halo infinite MK 7 modeled by MoeSizzlac



  • Halo Infinite MK 7 Helmet Foam Unfold.pdo
    1.4 MB · Views: 54
  • Halo Infinite Master Chief Helmet FOAM.pdo
    4.2 MB · Views: 60


405th Regiment Officer
Any idea if this helmet has been unfolded anywhere? Just trying my luck since I can't find much on it
i don't think that one has been modeled yet, guess we still need more images of infinite's helmets, whenever it pops up, i'll be sure to unfold it!

Could you unfold the enforcer helmet pls, love its aesthetic and most of the pepakura files i found are really complex
I'll get into it! it's from halo 4/5 right?


405th Regiment Officer
Here's the rest of the Halo Infinite chief armor, extracted from Fortnite by pep master

fortnite chief pep.png


  • Halo Infinite MC Bicep - Foam.pdo
    3.3 MB · Views: 30
  • Halo Infinite MC Boot - Foam.pdo
    3.5 MB · Views: 25
  • Halo Infinite MC Forearm - Foam.pdo
    3.4 MB · Views: 31
  • Halo Infinite MC Shin - Foam.pdo
    3.4 MB · Views: 26
  • Halo Infinite MC Thigh - Foam.pdo
    3.7 MB · Views: 32
  • Halo Infinite MC Torso - Foam.pdo
    4.9 MB · Views: 36
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can you do the halo 5 helljumper in foam?
Ask and you shall receive

Halo 5: Guardians Helljumper
(you'll need to scale to your size and arrange it to your liking)
helljumper pep.png


  • helljumper chestpiece.pdo
    6.1 MB · Views: 19
  • helljumper forearm.pdo
    1.3 MB · Views: 17
  • helljumper helmet.pdo
    1.4 MB · Views: 18
  • helljumper shin.pdo
    1.2 MB · Views: 23
  • helljumper shoulder.pdo
    646.1 KB · Views: 18
  • helljumper thigh.pdo
    589.5 KB · Views: 16

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