Odd Ball, Capture the Flag & Pistol LAN Party Props

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I have posted these on another board, but I think they would be most appreciated here. I made these for our Halo LAN parties as decor.

This is a plaster Skull that I paited up to look like the one for Odd Ball

I made this doublesided (blue on one side red on the other) to hang outside. Kind of like balloons on a mail box.


Then I made these around 8' long to hang in two different rooms. So there was a Red "base" and a Blue "base"


I also made this from an Air-soft gun and modifed it then cast it in resin. It wasn't as nice as I hoped.
dude thats sweet

"On and on shall old war go,

Without respite my blood will flow
O’er your eyes ‘til they cannot see
The impossibility of victory."
--Excerpt from the Writ of Union, Unknown Covenant Author
Thanks for the complements. :)

I made the 7th column logo similar to how I did the banners. I got the best photo I could showing the detail, and traced over it in Adobe Illustrator to make my self a pattern. I scaled it up and printed it out. Cut out the fabric using my new pattern and used that Iron-on stuff found at fabric stores (cannot remember the name of it), and attached it to the flag that way. If I was to do it again, I would spend more time on the detail on the red and blue logos to get the detail in.

Course now that I think about it, I should make Halo 1 Capture the Flags so they could be used for paint-ball capture the flag.
I like those flags, especially the ones that you hang on the side of the bases. Do you plan on making any more?
If you do happen to make more of those Red and Blue base flags from Halo 2 give me a shout, I would be willing to buy them given I had the money for one.

Awesome job.

If I make any more I would defianly update the logo's to make them more acurate and neater. At this time, I have too many projects to weed through first.
GruntOfAction said:
Now all you need is another plaster skull painted gold. Stick it ontop of a flagpole and vola. :D

Don't forget bout the gold crecent under it.
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the flag model in the downloads has the ornament (I'm going to have to make a new one that only has the ornament)

I'll add it to my post on the Pepakura Download Database (post #14)

OK, I've got it posted.
Follow the link & go into the "01 Cleaned 3DSs" folder, it's "Flag Ornament 01.3ds"

It has the Skull, Crescent, and a short connecting rod. the rod still penetrates the other two objects, but this means that the skull can be constructed seperately
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