Odd Ball, Capture the Flag & Pistol LAN Party Props

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I have posted these on another board, but I think they would be most appreciated here. I made these for our Halo LAN parties as decor.

This is a plaster Skull that I paited up to look like the one for Odd Ball

I made this doublesided (blue on one side red on the other) to hang outside. Kind of like balloons on a mail box.


Then I made these around 8' long to hang in two different rooms. So there was a Red "base" and a Blue "base"


I also made this from an Air-soft gun and modifed it then cast it in resin. It wasn't as nice as I hoped.


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dude thats sweet

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Thanks for the complements. :)

I made the 7th column logo similar to how I did the banners. I got the best photo I could showing the detail, and traced over it in Adobe Illustrator to make my self a pattern. I scaled it up and printed it out. Cut out the fabric using my new pattern and used that Iron-on stuff found at fabric stores (cannot remember the name of it), and attached it to the flag that way. If I was to do it again, I would spend more time on the detail on the red and blue logos to get the detail in.

Course now that I think about it, I should make Halo 1 Capture the Flags so they could be used for paint-ball capture the flag.


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I like those flags, especially the ones that you hang on the side of the bases. Do you plan on making any more?


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If you do happen to make more of those Red and Blue base flags from Halo 2 give me a shout, I would be willing to buy them given I had the money for one.

Awesome job.



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If I make any more I would defianly update the logo's to make them more acurate and neater. At this time, I have too many projects to weed through first.


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GruntOfAction said:
Now all you need is another plaster skull painted gold. Stick it ontop of a flagpole and vola. :D

Don't forget bout the gold crecent under it.
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the flag model in the downloads has the ornament (I'm going to have to make a new one that only has the ornament)

I'll add it to my post on the Pepakura Download Database (post #14)

OK, I've got it posted.
Follow the link & go into the "01 Cleaned 3DSs" folder, it's "Flag Ornament 01.3ds"

It has the Skull, Crescent, and a short connecting rod. the rod still penetrates the other two objects, but this means that the skull can be constructed seperately
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