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Thats sweet my friend and I were trying to figure out how we could do something like that in airsoft a few days ago. We were thinking about using an egg timer somehow. Very nice find.

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That skull is awesome! Though might be easier to have a stopwatch.

We had something mixed wit oddball and rugby in school. It was kinda fun.
(We had to get the ball from the center of the field, bring it to the opponent's end of the field, hold it in there and own team's hands for a minute. If someone tapped your shoulder/back, you had 1-2 seconds to pass the ball to other team mate or then you would have to drop it.)



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I use a game like this for warm-ups in fencing. Far less sophisticated, but fun. We use a "Jacketball", a jacket wrapped in duct tape, and no timer. I'd like to do this with the electronic skull!


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As awesome as it is it isn't cheap, they guy who made it has quoted it in the many hundreds.
DonP said:
I have no plans on making them, but if I did they would surely be hundreds (probably many) each to justify the work involved, even figuring that I wouldn't have to repeat the testing and circuit design.

One thing it does demonstrate is that careful measuring and planning and finishing is mainly what separates a nice looking, finished product from a functionally-similar hack job. I'm very pleased with the way I was able to make it self-contained and preserve the look of the skull (which is an anatomically-correct one from a medical supplier) - for example hiding the power switch and charger jack in the upper palette, and the LCD inside the hole where the vertebrae would go. In other words, not adding any more holes than were already there and not having anything electronic sticking out or otherwise obviously visible.
Pulled it from ASC in the thread he made about it.
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