Props OddWorks Assault Rifle WIP


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Hello all. I started a print of the OddWorks Assault Rifle build a few days ago and was hoping to use this thread as a spot to both ask questions as well as post progress pictures. Before any one gets too excited, I’m still printing build plate 2 of 8 right now so real progress is a long time off. It’s an amazing piece though. OddWorks added detail to the piece I’ve never ever had the eye to notice.

I was hoping to modify the files a little bit though. I want to add electronics so I can have an LCD screen for the ammo counter with working compass and speakers that will be activated by a pressure switch built into the trigger. The switch and the speakers I think will be pretty easy but I’m stuck on the LCD screens. I’m iffy with what screens to use as well as advice on the coding. Has any one created a tutorial or video for the electronics aspect of it?

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