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    Hi again comrades. Last year i had a batch of ODST and today, i have another batch. Will be making slight adjustments to the design but will look overall the same. Available at my etsy for pre-order. If you are interested in the build picture, its here: Build Thread

    This listing is for a set of Halo ODST foam armor. Foam used are medium density foam , some parts are 3d printed and cast resin. They came either unpainted or finished. I will be making some slight redesign based on sniper concept art. This is for pre-order and estimated completion is early of September 2017. Measurements in the picture are the actual measurements of the armor pieces. Most pieces are single sided and easy to adjust.

    Set consist of :
    Chest / Back ( one piece like a vest, buckles on the sides, no vest/rig required)
    Shoulder x 2pcs
    Gauntlet x 2pcs
    Waist x 2pcs
    Thigh x 2pcs
    Shin x 2pcs
    Silicone glove attachment + half finger glove x 2pcs

    Price :
    DIY Foam Kit - USD 400
    Finished Kit - USD 550

    Additional Options :
    I can print the same needler in the main picture for you too xD . I also can 3D print anything else you wanted. Just let me know what and i will give the price quotation for them.

    DSC_2103.JPG odst.jpg
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    Would you ship intl.
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    looking to buy the finished kit.

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