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ODST Blood Type Shoulder Badges HERE

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by TD0013, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. TD0013

    TD0013 Jr Member

    Greetings, fellow Helljumpers!

    While in the middle of my ODST armor build I realized that I'd need a blood type sticker/badge for my left shoulder. After doing some goodly amount of digging and searching across the internet for any references (Does the 405th have a reference area?) to these, I found three pics from Bungie that show these:

    Buck in full armor
    Buck, helmet off
    Romeo, helmet off

    I wish I could find better references, but these certainly are enough to put something together, so I did.

    This is my own Blood Type and I figure I may as well use it. Never know.. might save my life, right?

    Anyhow.. Once I finished mine, I decided to make one for each blood type out there in the hopes of helping others in the ODST community. If there's already something like this that used as a standard on this forum/website, I've never been able to find it, as I still haven't discovered a reference area yet. Again, does this site have a reference area? It really, really should.. But that's just my opinion.

    Bear in mind that these are designed and sized for use with Kirrou's Hinged shoulder pep file, which is the game accurate one. I can, however, very easily make these for another shoulder if people need.

    Anyhow... the following links will take you directly to the shoulder labels I made to share with you all.


    Edit - 6/13/13
    Here's a couple shots of the Blood Type Badge on my own kit I'm building:

    I printed the badge out on matte finish photo paper and then used 3m spray adhesive on the back to affix it to the shoulder. I then sprayed around four coats of matte clear coat paint to protect it from rain, sweat, mud, etc.

    Comments are most welcome and let me know if you find these useful! smile.png
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  2. liquid6

    liquid6 Jr Member

    awesome dude thanks a bunch! now i just have to remember my blood type
  3. higdog827

    higdog827 Member

    Thanks a million dude, you have no idea how long I've been looking for these things.
    They all look perfect, awesome job!
  4. TD0013

    TD0013 Jr Member

    No problem, guys! I'm glad people can use them.

    Sharing info/resources without grief is what I'm all about. :D
  5. Satsugai


    Great Job on the badges and Thank you.
  6. MattRendar

    MattRendar New Member

    Thanks for the refs
  7. Shadowofintent

    Shadowofintent Jr Member

    That's really cool that you thought that out, I want to tackle an ODST build at some point, but can anybody tell me why they have that on the armor?
  8. TD0013

    TD0013 Jr Member

    I would imagine that it's for the Combat Medics to quickly give them the medical assistance they might need. Note the bar code? I figure that the Medic would scan that to bring up the member's medical records and list any allergies, implants, enhancements, etc. If it makes the medic's job easier, than it's all good! :D
  9. higdog827

    higdog827 Member

    Exactly. Its basically a moe visable dog tag for the medic to use as reference, thus "UNSC MED REF." Some millitary units today are even beginning to use a similar verion of this system. More primitive of course, but similar.
  10. JBetts97

    JBetts97 Well-Known Member

    Cool man! Thanks for posting this!
  11. mkshane81


    Those look great, thanks for sharing! It's nice that you were able to do all of the blood types.

  12. TD0013

    TD0013 Jr Member

    Most welcome.

    It wasn't difficult at all since I made the file itself in Photoshop layers, so I just changed the blood types and saved a version of each.

    Easy peasy.

    I'd love to see photos when/if folks start using these. :)
  13. RoxyRoo


    Oh cool.
    see, this is one of the details that make me love ODST armor. Bungie put so much thought into everything. >.>
  14. waco

    waco New Member

    Outstanding! I'll be using this file for my ODST, thanks for sharing! Roxy you need to run an ODST now ;)
  15. TK3350

    TK3350 Jr Member

    Great Work! I finally got my Blood type patch!!! I might just personalize it more like adding my allergies or something to it! But it's an absolutely fantastic piece of work!

    Thanks a million!

    So TD-0013. Tell us, How does it feel to know that half of all the ODST enlisted to the UNSC are using YOUR medical blood type identification tag? And what will you be doing next? Going to Disneyland you say? xD
  16. demo084

    demo084 Jr Member

    Greatly appreciated. I've been looking everywhere for my blood type.
  17. TD0013

    TD0013 Jr Member

    Added pics to the initial post.
  18. Dexxa6

    Dexxa6 New Member

    Thanks to you I'm one step closer to finish my ODST armor!!
  19. Terric


    Thanks man this is very helpful
  20. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    I am so happy I found this, thank you man

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