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ODST Build (Sean Bradley Armor) -Dragon Con-

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Ghost8617, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Ghost8617


    Hello! I have been planning on doing this for a while now but just have been so busy with other builds and life events. I purchased an ODST kit from Sean Bradley, which most of you are familiar with, and grinding at it for 3 years. At this point, the kit is pretty much ready to go but i wanted to be a part of this community so I could get know everyone a little more and ask for suggestions when needed.

    I'm a member of the 501st GA Garrison and the Mando mercs so there is a good chance we have probably crossed paths before. I met several 405th members lat DragonCon and you guys were very encouraging to join the community.

    The Helmet




    Painted using dupli color Gunmetal and semi gloss black.


    Helmet paint completed + visor attached. I went with the white stripes that were on the Reach ODSTs.
    I also weathered it a bit with light sanding and silver leaf rub n buff.




    The helmet was the first thing I tackled..It was a good motivation to finish the rest. Next comes the rest of the armor.


    After finishing all the trimming, which takes forever by yourself, I move on to hardening each piece with an "A" "B" resin.



    Test fitting the rigging and color test for the chest. sorry for the lack of progress between these points..I was just wanting to finish at this point.
    Again the armor is painted in a dupli color gunmetal and semi gloss black. I used silver leaf rub n buff for the center piece.
    The blue was a test using rustolem true blue.


    The straps I had made by Lisa Pierrello. I am terrible at sewing so she was nice enough to lend me a hand.
    I started off using buckles for the chest but ultimately resorted to using snaps instead.


    Test fit with the straps


    Thighs painted with a gray and then camouflaged with the gunmetal paint. Black washed and silver leafed to make it weathered.

    Test fitting the shins. I mixed the straps with nylon on the top and elastic at the bottom.
    It helped feel more secure to my legs.



    Shoulder's completely painted.

    Torso armor on a mannequin.


    Added some finishing touches to the chest.





    Full Kit On In The Comments

    I'm back at it!

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  2. Evolver79


    This is a great looking build! Looking toward to next week at Dcon. You should head over to the Southern Regiment and become a member.
  3. seantrooper

    seantrooper New Member

    Looking awesome mate! Interested to see how you strap this up, I'm most likely going to be using snaps as well. I'm thinking of taking some elements of the clone trooper strapping and apply it to this.
  4. Ghost8617


    Thanks! Yeah for the most part, the torso armor and shoulders are rigged up very similar to how a Clone Trooper or Stormtrooper is set up. I didn't want to rivet too much and something break down the road. The pack was the most difficult part and really i'm still working out the kinks. I have it strapped on to the shoulder straps but the weight of it pulls my armor back a little. To counter this, I took apart a Y harness and used the from straps to attach to my belt to even out the weight. I did small test for it last night and plan to do more tomorrow. I'll try to get pictures of my strapping.
  5. Ghost8617


    Thanks for the info on the Southern Regiment, I hope to be official soon!
  6. Chiefwannabe


    The painting looks great! I love the helmet......Is that Batman and robin i see in the background? (photo 21) oh god no!
  7. combinestrider


    Love how smoothly it all came together. How'd you do the UNSC text?
  8. CommanderPalmer


    Amazing build! I'm looking forward to more progress. :)
    How are you going to fix the shoulders?
  9. Ghost8617


    Thanks! I had a friend print me off some decals. Would love to get some of the ones Sean Bradley uses for his kits but these did the job.
  10. Ghost8617


    Thanks! I had taken a break for bit but now I'm back at it. The shoulders are attached to the neck armor and they work out pretty nicely. They aren't the usual way of attaching them like some of the other ODST cosplayers. I believe they use a piece of cloth material that wraps around their arms. I chose more of a Stormtrooper armor approach with this. I'll need to uploaded some updated pictures of me in it.
  11. Ghost8617


    16806751_10212214944433208_1968668465528418339_n.jpg Here is one shot of me in the full kit using a flight suit. Might actually go for a different set up using BDU pants and under armor top.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
  12. Ghost8617


    16831002_10212214944473209_1184045607184633832_n.jpg Not the best photo. My gloves are finished so i need to throw those on in the next picture. Ignore the dent on the SMG, working on that as well.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
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  13. Dirtdives


    I think the caption under the last pic should read "Do you feel lucky. Well, do you....Punk?"
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  14. TheAstroBot

    TheAstroBot Member

    Awesome to see somebody else is using Sean Bradley's Kits here! I've just recently purchased the Rookie Helmet and Full Body Armor sets from him, and I'm waiting for them to be shipped out later this month to mid April. To be honest, I wasn't sure how other 405th members would feel on the matter of use of pre-built kits, but seeing the comments here really make me feel a bit more confident on the matter. Your piece looks great, and makes me even more excited to get my hands on Sean's amazing kits.
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  15. CrimsonViper97


    This is an awesome build, Love the paintjob and the weathering (y) I got a pair of black bdu pants and a black combat shirt for my suit, although I'm thinking I might modify the shirt a little so that it has the light grey under the arms.
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  16. vshore100


    Sean Bradley has been a staple of this community for many years now. Feel confident when wearing that armor and knowing that you have the best. When it comes to ODST, Sean IS the standard.

    Great work Ghost8617!
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  17. Ghost8617


    I would love to know how the BDU pants and combat shirt works. The flight suit is nice but anything I can do to keep nice and cool in kit will go long way. I need to take a look at some fabric to add that grey detail too.
  18. Ghost8617


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  19. Ghost8617


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