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    It's finally that time! After a bit of a hiatus, I'm finally back to building my ODST, or rather rebuilding since I scrapped all but two small pieces from the first build.

    After several of my pieces got destroyed when I moved into my first house last year, I decided to scrap most of what was done and restart. Was waiting until all of the pieces I'm certain I wanted to do pep, and then there was this to do:

    2017-11-11 20.29.02.jpg
    Yay! I have a workshop to work in.

    Now that things are back in progress, here's two ways to track my progress if you're interested. My Kanban board and progress photo. I update the board every time I do something while often forgetting to update my thread, so Trello is likely to be more up to date than here.

    Progress Board: Trello


    Here's a quick photo of everything lined up before I started hardening.
    2017-12-02 15.21.20.jpg 2017-12-02 15.21.10.jpg

    And for a few other projects in the works or completed:
    2017-04-23 19.36.55.jpg 2017-07-30 16.52.55.jpg 2017-12-03 18.41.23.jpg

    Silhouette Cameo: http://a.co/hreDiuU
    Brushes: http://a.co/eQJQzpx
    Resin: http://a.co/2qH1JTG
    Fiberglass Cloth: http://a.co/ft6zq04
    Bondo: http://a.co/0FqeDkb
    Spreaders: http://a.co/dTyHMrS
    3D Printer: http://a.co/2PcdKD2
    Pants: http://a.co/fbWw73d (color scheme I bought is no longer listed)
    Shirt: http://a.co/10tEfUI (color scheme I bought is no longer listed)
    Boots: http://a.co/6F11ivC
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  2. ZP180


    Found some images taken before to show more detail in what the pepped pieces look(ed) like.

    2016-09-21 18.56.16.jpg 2016-09-22 09.11.48.jpg 2017-12-02 15.21.36.jpg
    The shoulder pieces are past hardening and onto bondo. I'll be sure to take some pics of that this weekend.

    2017-12-02 15.21.25.jpg 2017-12-02 15.21.33.jpg 2017-12-02 15.21.27.jpg
    I made several attempts at the shin pieces setting them up in both Pepakura Designer and Armorsmith. Even going so far as to edit the original in Blender. The Blender adjustments fit the best, but did not leave me liking the shins, and since during this process, I am also working on losing some pretty significant weight (long term goal: 80lbs), I chose that I would rather scale for a middle ground and ensure that the pieces are more adjustable. The plan is that for a time there will be a gap between the front and back of the shins. As I have not decided on material for the thigh plates (the other area of concern), I will also keep in mind adjustable or remake time as part of this process.

    This weekend expect fiberglassing of the chest plate to be done and to get some images of the helmet (cast bought from Sean Bradley) up as that moves through finishing.
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  3. ZP180


    Anyone out there? I'm hearing crickets...

    More progress this weekend. Took two weekends to get the chest pieces hardened. So glad to be able to put a couple of heaters in the garage and get the temperature up.

    Shoutout to PerniciousDuke for the tip in his Reach build thread to pour some resin into the piece between laying down fiberglass and soaking it. Helped tons in lessening my frustration with pieces coming up with my brush (even with spray adhesive). Some pieces could have used more of that on the sides, but oh well, you live and learn.

    2017-12-09 17.49.18.jpg
    2017-12-09 17.49.22.jpg
    2017-12-09 17.49.32.jpg
    2017-12-09 17.49.40.jpg

    After finishing with fiberglass (forgot to take pictures between these steps) I like to add a layer of rondo, not too thick, but to help overlay some of the sharp edges from not laying my fiberglass completely flat.

    2017-12-10 15.45.06.jpg
    2017-12-10 15.45.12.jpg
    2017-12-10 15.45.10.jpg

    Over the course of this week, I'll trim any fibers still sticking out that I wasn't able to get with scissors and use my dremel to knock down any sharp edges on the inside.

    2017-12-11 06.12.01.jpg

    On another note, I printed the handle for the MA37 (found here). Whether or not I use it with the costume is yet to be seen, but I always liked the look of that gun. The image above is scaled down by 10% from the original, but it still feels too big in my hand. Due to some imperfections I'll be playing with my printer settings and reprinting it. What do you guys think about size? Should I scale down to maybe 85% size? 80%?
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    I swear I saw this exact thread a year ago, pictures and all... I have a serious Deja Vu problem.
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  5. PerniciousDuke


    I didn't see you started your build again! Congrats on the new place! It looks like it is suiting you well. Your fiberglass laying looks really good. Keep it up.


    My only advice, being just a step ahead of you in the suit, try to reinforce large flat paper areas with thicker cardboard (like soda boxes) or tongue depressors. The reason is that they will sag, even if you can't see it. Once you start bondoing you'll realize it's taking way too much Bondo just to fill in the middle area of those large "flat" spot.
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