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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by TopSmuggler, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Hello I'm currently working on a ODST build and so far I have a helmet all finished thanks to a friend of mine. I'm working on the rest of the armor and I'm having some difficulties with the Torso piece, I've found many references and even went on a youtube video by Andrew for the reference. I'm experimenting with a cardboard cut out to make sure it fits but I want the overall design to be accurate to the game as possible.

    I've done my research and would like some help from the 405th community, are there any templates I can use, even a 3D model will do nicely, I only need help with the torso so any help would be greatly appreciated
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    If you look into the Armoury there is a section that has people files of the suit in H3: ODST plus the files for the attachments and accessories to build the members of the team.
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    TopSmuggler, welcome to the 405th. It would be nice to see the finished helmet.
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    The folks above answered better than I could. I hope to see more pics soon :)

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