ODST Color scheme

Sir HappyBear I

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How do you guys usually decide what part of your armor to paint in what color? I'm working on an ODST at the moment adn i've decided to go with black and dark yellow, but i just can't decide what parts to paint yellow and which ones black. How do you guys decide this?


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After deciding my color scheme I looked at plenty of reference photos, other people's builds, and various figurines I have to figure out generally what parts would have my primary, secondary, or tertiary colors. And yet, I still changed my mind as I started seeing parts finished and comparing to what other pieces would be adjacent to it.


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You can also take insperation from real life designs and gear. Look at other cosplays, think of some movies you like, or try and draw some rough designs. Do you want it to be bold with the coverage of yellow and cover almost half the suit, or do you want it to be more discreet and have it be thin stripes on the side of your armor for a little but of detail. Feel free to experiment and get creative ;)