ODST Combat Drop into STGCC 2010 [Pic Heavy!]

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Hey Marines,

Well, we finally did it. Out of the 10 team members that were supposed to be dropped in, only 7 made it in safely. ;)

A little fictional background on our unofficial Unit:

"105th MEU (SOC) / ODST, 12th Marine Force Reconnaissance / ODST. Our particular Unit is 'The Devil's Own' and we have 2 sub team elements [Gold Team & Blue Team] within the Unit."

Singapore's Toy Games & Comic Convention 2010, now being handled by Reed International [new York Comic Con..etc], saw it's first and largest ODST combat deployment on both the 11th and 12th of Dec 2010.

We booked a room for the entire weekend and to have a place where all of us could suit up and 'drop in' together. The 'drop in' walk from the hotel to the Con was interesting to say the least. The hotel guests loved us! :)

Our entrance into the Con turned heads and pretty much stopped traffic wherever we were. :D But tell you what, a picture paints a thousand words so here you go...








More pics to follow once they get sorted but hopefully, these will give you a rough idea on our Combat Deployment. ;)

Once again, MANY MANY grateful thanks to Sean B for the awesome armor kits! Bro, this Combat Drop is dedicated to you! I know your pretty much tagged the FB pics my friends put up but I wanted to make it official here at the 405th! We couldn't have done this without your help! Hope we did your armor kits proud bro!

Stay safe,




That is just freaking awesome dude! Looks like you guys had a hell of a good time.... Sharp looking group of ODSTs!



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it was an amazing weekend with many good memories made. Lots of work and upgrades to make to the armor but hey that's the fun part right? lol


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I love how on one of the silencers it has Little Friend on it, also I guess the old saying is true ladies love the armor.


You guys look GREAT!
just wanted to point out one thing. I noticed you used MP7's as your weapon base. I was thinking about going the same route, but I had yet to see anyone else do it. I figured it would get close to the look, but I must say, you pulled it off magnificently. Looks MEAN!


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I literally never tire of seeing SBs. People just do such great work with that kit. I'm really impressed. You well outdid my single suit, and y'even managed to get weapons.

On a side note, am I the only one who's noticed, in groups of more than 3 ODSTs, there's ALWAYS a yellow?


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Amazing work and coordination there sir! Something to look forward in the future for me and I am sure others to "drop" into a con and have as much fun as you guys/gals did!


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Awesome!!! Go Team Singapore! Well Done! Bloody Good! The SB ODST's look even better when there is 7 of them all finished and together!


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looks epic...you guys did a "pretty cool guy" job...also i love the fact the there are "7" ODSTs, Bungie references FTW!!! >: D