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So, as part of my first Halo kit, I’m planning to add set of custom dog tags. The maker I’m going with can do 5 lines per tag. I want to make them both symmetrical but I’m not exactly sure what to put on it, as there are a number of things that I think should be put.
These are what I know I have to put for certain:

<Chatacter Name>
<Service ID>

These are what I’m thinking of putting

ODST <Fireteam Designation>
105th Shock Troops
<Place of Birth>
<Date of Birth>
<Blood Type>
<Fireteam + Role in Team>

Any suggestions as to which I should put on the tags?


According to halopedia (Dog tag) the cannon things to include would be, "the soldier's name, rank, service number, and blood type" presumably in that order.

Ensure the included blood type is accurate though, as a dogtag may be confused for valid medical identification.

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Dog tags are meant to stay with you for your entire time in service. Since a lot of things change during that time, you want to stamp only the permanent information related to the identification of that service member in case that person is KIA/MIA and must be recovered.

Job titles, roles, units, and rank can change at any time, so I'd rule those out to start. Typical contemporary format is as follows:

Last name
First name, middle initial
Social Security Number
Blood type
Religion (so they know how to handle your remains)

For the love of God, if you're planning on staying accurate to the games or military standards, please don't wear them dangling outside your uniform/armor. Not only is it tacky, but it's supposed to contain very sensitive information. There are only two people who should ever see them while you are in uniform: you, and whoever finds your body.
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