ODST EVA Halo Reach helmet


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Hey! Welcome to the forum! We love to have new people come in and this is exactly where you should be asking questions. From what I hear DTF's files are pretty good. Most people like them. I would start with a program like armorsmith or pepakura designer so you can see the pieces and their unfolds and do some scaling. If you have already printed the files (which I now see is the case) then I would just start working on foam. If you have not worked with foam before, dont get discouraged if your first work looks a little rough. Learning is part of the project.
You could watch a few tutorial videos about foamsmithing if you are wondering where to start, or check out our tutorials forum, there may be something useful in there. In my opinion, the best way to start is to just start. You can learn as you go and if you feel like you have to remake something, then that's fine - most of the foamsmiths on this site have remade parts over and over again to get them looking so good.

Lastly, I am sure someone more knowledgeable about foamsmithing will comment on here soon. Personally, I don't use foam bc it makes me nervous. I know how exciting the start of a project is though and, personally, I would not be able to wait. Post updates as you work and don't be afraid to ask questions!


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Welcome to the 405th!
One thing you can do to see if the templates fit your head, is to tape it together and put it on. Remember, the foam you will be using is much thicker than paper. Weather it be 6mm or 10mm. If the paper helmet is snug, it's going to be too small when traced onto foam.
Luckily DFT made a vid tutorial to go with his templates. You can follow along with it.
If you had downloaded the ODST Helmet from the Armoury, you have to figure out assembly for yourself. If you get stuck though, we're here to help. All you have to do is ask.


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Welcome to our forums, and to the 405th family! I love the idea of using cardboard as your mocking material for the first version. In terms of the concept, what inspired an EVA variant of an ODST helmet? I'm sure people would love to see conceptual of what you are going to be working on!


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Thank you very much NobleofDeath16 and Jeffw773 for those kind words of welcome!
I just cut out my first pieces of cardboard using the video linked on PaganBoi's comment.
I will post photos when it first comes together.
Thank you for following along!


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Nicely done Trooper! Now how does the cardboard helmet feel while you are wearing? Is it a snug fit? If it is, it might end up being too small when you make the foam version. This means you would have to make your templates a little bigger. But, if you got wiggle room (about an inch on either side of your head) the foam version will be just right.

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