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Hello all!

I have been for some time wanting to create a Halo cosplay, first starting with a Halo CE Marine (I'll come back to that one in time), now a Halo 3 ODST, and in the future a Mark V build.

Note I haven't done anything like cosplay ever so I'm reading a ton and learning a lot but the experience is little, and that's what counts the most. I'm sure we can all agree there. Thus let me inform you all where I am now and what I've done.

So, last year I started with Andrew DFT templates, finished the helmet twice, (first was wrong size), and began the chestplate, half way through I scrapped it and gave it to my twin brother so he can pick up where I left off. I scrapped it after seeing an image of comparison between DFT's templates and PEP work. Anywho... I've gotten a visor buck printed from Jeffrey's Halo 3 ODST Helmet Wearable Cosplay. Created (2) vac form tables, first was too big and not what I needed, I had an idea, ran with it, and was wrong. Thus I made a smaller one that we thought would barely work but did amazing work. After 2 visor tries with 1 success, I learned I need to fill and smooth my buck so that the print lines do not show on the visor.

Finally that leads to now... I am wanting to begin the foam pep template work soon and am lost and on a path at the same time. I'm trying to scale using ArmorSmith Designer with some slight difficulty. I am looking for some good ODST references and am feeling as if there's a lot more blank space than I thought. However after running into Hugh's ODST Build, I was amazed yet saddened as all of his links are dead for the pep files. Does anyone have these? I am currently working with what was in the armory but the known ODST chestplate piece is missing for the foam files. (due to timing and availability I don't think I can work towards unfolding and doing these things myself quite yet).

Any suggestions or help?

Does anyone have on hand a foam pep file for the odst center chest piece that is game accurate? I just remembered that is not on the 405ths armory that I've seen.

Where I am currently with ArmorSmith

The current Vac Form Setup

The roughly completed Helmet with vac formed visor (needs finished up with sealing, painting, etc...)
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