1st Build ODST Helmet Halo Reach Foam Build


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Hey everyone I need some help. I got the pepakura files from Heroes Workshop for an ODST helmet from Reach and attempted the build. However, I hit a roadblock during the process and did not like how the build turned out. I was wondering if there are any tips on approaching this build, especially with these files.
Are you able to show us where you got up to, and what troubles you were having? It's OK to have roadblocks, it just means there's a hurdle to jump and when you do, you learn something cool!
That's actually a really good start! You've especially followed the shape of the patterns well. I'll give you a few of my thoughts:

1. In relation to the warping in the first picture, that's generally an easy fix. At the very least, you can take a heat gun to it, warm it up and them manipulate it to try and hold the proper shape. If it needs more "encouragement", you can glue in an armature wire that will fix it to the right shape.
2. Foam floor mats are good for most of the build, but unfortunately when using it to stack on layers, gaps show up between parts because of the textured surface. If you have a belt sander, or a band saw, you can take that off easily enough. If you were willing to dish out a little bit more on foam, you can get cosplay foam that won't have that texture. Otherwise, you can fill those gaps with something like Kwik Seal or similar (a kind of caulking silicone that you can smooth out with water).
3. For the most part your bevels look great, but I think they're a bit too sharp at the top though. That's a very easy mistake anyone can make though, and if you wanted to reuse this helmet, you could cut most of the way through the back of the seam, bend it to shape and fill it up with hot glue.
4. For the grooves on the helmet, there's a couple of things you can do. Firstly, if the grooves fall on a seam, you can lightly round the edges of the pieces that lie on that seam so when they join together, they form that groove. Secondly, you could use ye old "knife, score and heatgun" or "soldering iron/woodburner" method.
With the helmet complete, I want to make these attachments for them. My main concern is that the scale is correct for the helmet. I did the prototype and taped it to see if the scaling is correct. Let me know what you guys think if I need to scale up or down either one or both.


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Hey everyone! These are the completed attachments for my ODST helmet. The foam fabrication is finally complete and the next step will be the sealing and painting stage.


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Question: Who's your go seller on Esty for ODST visors?

I'm in search of a visor for my ODST Reach helmet. Thing is, I don't know who the go-to for selling them is. Any recommendations?
I had my visor chromed (S/O to Recon Service for the visor), is it supposed to be sealed after the chroming process, or leave it as is?
Here's my finished ODST helmet from Halo: Reach. This build is inspired by my own custom spartan and after looking at it, I kinda wanna build the whole suit. The templates are by Heroesworkshop, HD-Foam was by SKSProps and lastly, the visor was made by Recon Service. Thank you all for your support throughout this building journey and for all the feedback provided. As mentioned, the armor will be built sometime in the future.
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I see you also used the templates from Heroesworkshop... Very nice. You did a great job with the helmet. I especially love the Reach logo on the back
I feel like I'm looking at an entirely different helmet after you painted and installed the visor! Well done, I have yet to conquer a foam helmet myself haha
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