ODSt helmet

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Ok my second attempt was allot better then first but several problems for starters my helmet as you can see there is no numbers. I don't know how to add them in.

Heres the first attempt.

Ya not too great here's second attempt

Anyone got an idea how to put the numbers in?

O btw the last problem I have is scaling heres what I mean please laugh if you want but I was so confused it's completely the wrong scale

It looks like you cut off all the tabs.....

That looks like my helmet, because I made the halo 2 odst helmet, to add numbers, hit the "123" button and change the size accordingly to your desire, I use 6, small, but still big enough to read.

Dont use tape also, when resining, the thing falls apart, and score all fold lines with a box cutter and ruler, it gives a sharper more perfect look.

EDIT: that is mine definetly, mine has the neck shape still added in as part of the model.
If you're using pepakura, click the "123" button for the numbers to show up. Also, make sure the size of the numbers in around 5, anything smaller and they may not print out. Neat work so far, even if you're not 100% happy with it :D
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