ODST Needler Battle Damaged Chest Plate. (pic heavy)

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update - used it at dallas comic con and did a 360 shot of my armor as well as a short video after showing it
in normal and low lighting and the 360 shot is in sunlight. I will need to order in a longer needler round though
as after attaching the led's it just does not stick thought the chest far enough.


After working on my bullet proof odst project that got side tracked, I desided to recycle one of the chest plates
that got shot to bits. So desided to make a odst chest with needler rounds sticking out of it. I'm still waiting on
proper lighting RBG led's to come in to make it purpleish.

As a side note this chest plate has kevlar and carbonfiber inside it as you can see it in the exposed area's on the
chestplate. You can get a similar effect by using nocking a hole in the armor and building up a lip on the back
with jb and apply some carbonfiber over the hole and apply some rezin to harden it if you just want the look.

After weathering the chest I use a flame to burn around the damaged area's as this is a very sold chestplate
I don't sugest doing to paper/foam/abs as it will warp and melt.

412421_453867554626810_100000107093151_1871526_123  076605_o.jpg

The upper chest plate is my old one bottom is of course the needler one.
475052_453865937960305_100000107093151_1871509_818  626949_o.jpg

469872_453866391293593_100000107093151_1871514_852  457081_o.jpg

close up of the carbonfiber/plasma burn area of the chestplate.
471040_453867414626824_100000107093151_1871524_590  445790_o.jpg

Damaged section removed to show the carbonfiber under the onix layer. Side note carbonfiber and kevilar are not very fun to cut though...
You can see where the led is to be mounted where i tryed to cut a hole in it.
459200_453866484626917_100000107093151_1871515_100  0264349_o.jpg

shard in chest fragment lit by 2 watt led.
476165_453867781293454_100000107093151_1871533_973  12503_o.jpg

Both shards lighted by 2 watt led's it's just blowing out the image it so bright and this is directly under 4 60
watt bulbs to give you a idea of how bright it is.
466895_453867877960111_100000107093151_1871534_167  7156847_o.jpg

457220_452159751464257_100000107093151_1865495_143  3564015_o.jpg

before weathering..
460703_452160038130895_100000107093151_1865496_117  6002296_o.jpg
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well chest mostly done used it at dallas comic con over the weekend did a 360 shot to show off my armor even though its in full daylight you can still see it glow most of the time...


here is another shot to bad the flash removes most of the glow. I will try to track down more pics as I can't count how many pics where taken of me yet I cant find any hehe..

545449_458841150796117_100000107093151_1889432_119  6922110_n.jpg


It's great, I like watching the battle damage and Annanymous said: You have taken the battle damage to a whole new level, I do.
(Sorry for using your quote Annanymous lol)

Es muy bueno, me gusta ver los daño de batalla ya lo dijo Annanymous :Usted ha dado el daño en combate a un nivel completamente nuevo, me gusta.
( perdon Annanymous por usar tu cita lol )


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Dude...thats pretty legit! I might have to give that a try with a future build.


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updated video of the current state of my battle damaged odst chest plate.
I need to order in longer needler rounds to finish up the chestplate.

and after being board I photoshoped my self into the live action trailer for Halo odst 8)

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