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Hey Everyone! Im having some trouble figuring out exactly which paint to use for my ODST build. It appears as if its some kind of metal gray or gunmetal? and somtimes it appears matte and has scratches to reveal a silver fresh exposed metal. Would love to see pictures and recommendations :) Thanks ahead of time I know this community its amazing!


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Typically ODST armour has a primary colour of steel grey/black and then a secondary colour (introduced in H3: ODST).
I personally did a custom colour scheme of black primary and grey secondary.


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I looked into a few options and settled on Rustoleum Black Stainless Steel.

Below is the helmet with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. I like it for the ODST feel, but I thought that going with it would lose too much detail in photos due to being too dark. I don't have a photo with the Black stainless steel yet, but can add that when I repaint with it.

2019-03-23 11.19.46.jpg


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I've actually used that rubbed oil paint before on a Malcom Reynolds pistol build as a base coat, it is really dark almost black. Helmet looks great by the way!