ODST, Preparing to Drop


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Hello there! I’m a new member from the Philippines. Im planning to make an ODST costume out of rubber sheet for the major con(or what I think is the major con) of the year.

I’ve got a list of parts, and I’ve got AndrewDFT’s tutorials but also wanted to ask for suggestions or ideas.

I’m also planning to have a dog tag set made for my character but am not sure what to put on it. This is what I have on it so far
(Service Number)
ODST (Unit)

Any suggestions as to what else I should put? The make used to have a 6-line option but I need to ask if it’s still available.

Any and all help would be appreciated!


check out the pepakura files in the armoury! they're game accurate and a ton better than the DFT templates, It wont be too much harder and the look will be amazing


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Andrew dft has good templates for beginners, but they lack accuracy and detail in some areas. As for suggestions and ideas, what is it you're looking for?

Carefully bout wearing dog tags in public, even if you are/arent enlisted in the military, there are plenty of people that dont appreciate the people that wear them or allow them to be seen. For a costume peice, I think it's a great idea!

Welcome to the 405th and I would love to see your progress!