ODST Project

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Well, it's finally started. Yesterday, I went onto BDU.com and bought myself a set of subdued urban camouflage BDU's and I also went and got some fabric from the local source for custom making the various extra fabric parts on the vest etc.

I'm also ordered parts to finish off my vacuform machine and am starting to hoard aluminum cans for melting. Since my dad won't allow me to run with any UNSC weapons on halo-ween, I've started work on a plasma rifle prototype. As soon as stuff gets here, or I don't feel too lazy to take pics, I'll post some of my progress.
Yeah, I saw your ODST pic post but I'm going for the Halo 2 ODST not the Halo 3 one.

A little update today, I got the leg and chest armor Pepakura'd and assembled. All I got to do now is get the helmet finished and then I get to move on to step 3, fiberglassing it then modifying the hell out of it.

For anyone that says this should be in the Pepakura forum please note that in the end, after I finish all the steps it will be molded armor. I'm just using the Pepakura model as the basic shape and after I get it as accurate to the game model w/textures as I can I'm going to turn it into a vacuform mold and make a greensand mold of that for the aluminum version.

I'll get some pics up before I fiberglass it.

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Gonna have to redo the helmet again, its a little big.
Got it from the game. You have to use a modded xbox and ADI or some program like it. I'm sure somebody could explain it better at www.halomods.com. And for a short update, I got one of the leg armor pieces fiberglassed and am working on the other one.
Calm down guys, I gave JediFraz the ODST model and the **CLASSIFIED***. Once he gets back from his trip he will be sure to work on them and get them out to you all.

Patience. ;-)

I'm done fiberglassing the legs and am working on getting the helmet glassed as of now. Been smoothing out the legs and dremeling in some spots for details. Just a quick update to let you guys know this thing hasn't died. :p
holy crap. I need that pep model. Do I have anything that interests you for it?
Adam said:
holy crap. I need that pep model. Do I have anything that interests you for it?

Wow, Adam. If I'd known you were trading stuff for the files, I would of held out on my helm for a set of hand plates. ;-)

Seriously though. If anyone wants to send me just the regular ODST model w/ the texture, I can have the armor pieces posted up in a few hours. I'm just sitting around fiberglassing a bunch of Mk V stuff today anyway.
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