ODST (Reach) Military Suit and Armor


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Hey everyone, this my very first costume project post here, and a pretty hard one indeed, the main reason i came to this forum and spend a LOT of time digging everywhere.

A little background :
French 3D student who comes from LARP where i worked on medieval armor (leather / mail / metal), got some experience on Pepakura and 3D printing, i bought my second printer 3 years ago, which i still need to upgrade, and i used to spend time on Star Wars and Doctor Who props.

I started by looking for references on the internet, comparing the different ODST suits, and choose the Reach model, much more detailed and heavy than the halo 3 odst model. I gathered some pictures and finally could get my hand on the 3D in-game model with textures, ended up assembling a 3d scene with all the elements for this project.


I'm gonna be using 3D printing as a base then mold it and produce copies with Fiberglass + Urethane.
Since i'll be using basic pieces like gloves, military shoes, base uniform, i'm wondering if i could sew complex suits myself. I red that nylon and coton are mostly used for the uniform, but i can't guess what type of fabric are used on both the IRL suits or the Reach Marine suits.


A little fantasy of mine, and this one will probably never be possible in this lifetime, but the creation of a realtime HUD inside the helmet.. google glasses ? An inside screen ? whatever, that would be fun to give it a try.. dream on...

See you soon for the next updates !

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RogueOneSpartan, you did that wrong! You'll never get the random ranger to appear that way! Don't worry, I'll take care of it for ya.

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SpecialOpsJoe2 I made a Google Glass type thing that I stuck in my helmet, and wrote up a tutorial here: Ranger's HUD Progress

However, I'm currently working on building a new HUD that runs as a VR application on Android phones, and hope to have a version out before the next HOD comes around. So if you're looking for a realtime and useful hud, stick around :)


Also, I see Sean Anwalt cast a powerful spell to bring me here, nice :D

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Yup! Just be careful not to tap your newly sharpened blade on the counter; it'll dull your blade!

ALSO: Works great for your foam cutting blades, too!
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