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Hey everyone,

I was looking around for an idea of what to wear under both my ODST and eventual Spartan armour, and had the idea of using a flightsuit rather than BDUs, or a spandex suit/Under Armour or something. At the same time, if I was going to make use of the flightsuit I wondered how to make it it’s own costume if wearing no or only partial armour.

I looked to modern fighter pilots and operators, other sci-fi suits/uniforms for some inspiration:
You can get surplus flightsuits reasobably cheap, but they usually only come in Sage or Desert Tan, so I opted for a Tru-Spec in black (avoid Rothco). Next was to look for some official unit/group/qualification type badges:
Note that if you look up that ODST badge on eBay, the colour in reality is far more black than that image. I also got a military looking name patch and am starting to put it all together:
I might add the ONI or Spirit of Fire patches later, or maybe think up something custom. I’m also going to get a military style beret with the UNSC pin:
C92536AC-6EC2-4346-AC82-5EAAAAF6F298.jpeg C4C0A9E4-865E-436C-B6E2-3B0E1CE29E8E.jpeg
I’ll update again once I get all the patches sewn, but I’m digging the look of how it’s coming together. I think this should look pretty cool though!
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Sean Anwalt

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I like it! I also have a black flight suit, and have used it for my under suit, though the results were not fantastic.

My intention is to finish my reach under suit and then turn the flight suit into a halo fighter- pilot or pelican pilot.

We're going to need pilot helmets...

Also I like the patches; that's really looking good!