ODST undersuit?


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hey guys. I'm just wondering, is there a specific undersuit for ODSTs? if so, has anyone used it? and where did you get the reference pics? because it's just weird that all other halo armors have an undersuit.
It's really your preference. I like using either Urban Digital or Solid Black ACUs. You could do standard BDUs if you wanted to. I don't think there is any reason to make a custom undersuit.


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For my ODST undersuit, I used army surplus black thermal underwear. I would have gotten both in the weaved cotton version, but the bottoms didn't fit, so I got those in Polypropylene. (Probably a good thing; it's very good at maintaining a good temperature) Overall cost was around $30, because the polypro bottoms were expensive. If you get both in cotton, it'll be half that price, and actually look more accurate. (There's a waffle pattern on the suit, if you look at it closely)

From there, I followed Sean Bradley's guide to the various appliques on parts of the undersuit. Look up Sean Bradley. I can't remember where I put his PDF.


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Based on game screenshots, and book descriptions, it's more a form-fitting suit than a loose battle uniform. I mean, if you're doing a Reach or Halo 2 ODST, I'd suggest a BDU, but those suits are entirely different from the Halo 3 ODST, which is the most popular, and does the form-fit thing.
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