ODST Visor Forms

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Hi y'all. Long story short, I am a member from 10+ years ago who has recently returned. I used to be really into pepakura and prop making but then life kinda got in the way and time passed before i knew it. Here i am now, with time and a renewed interest in returning to the hobby. Anyways, I started an ODST helmet build with my 3D printer after reading Halo: New Blood (gotta love Buck), and was looking for visors to put into the helmet, and saw only one source for game correct curved / dented helmets and it would be coming from Singapore through Etsy. I decided rather than chip out 80+ bucks to have it shipped i would just teach myself the skills needed to make the visor i wanted for myself. So i did. And i made a few. And they came out pretty well if i do say so myself. Regardless, what i was writing about was... is there a large enough demand for the visors that i ought to spend the time to turn this into a little side hustle. I was thinking about selling them for ~$45 USD for clear (with a guide on how to dye them whatever color your want) or $60 USD dyed to your liking. I was also thinking i could theoretically sell custom visors for more case by case prices.

They are thin, but keep their own shape and the visability is very good one way, and very hard to see through from the other side when sealed in a helmet.

tldr; I created a method of casting odst visors and wanted to know if it is worth my time to sell them.



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do your visors react to light snd go clear once with light on the inside? I was just wondering because then you could pull of the clear to opaque effect from the game and trailer.

The Black Hatter

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Once they are in the helmet its very hard to see in. My plan is to have an LED strip on the inside which will light up my face and allow those outside the helmet to see my face. Its a really cheap and cool effect.
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