1st Build ODST WIP


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Painted the helmet. Waiting a day or two for the paint to harden so I can black/brown wash it. Then I’ll clear coat it and attach the visor. Seeing this beauty in all it’s glory has strengthened my resolve to work on this armor. Also glad I went with a Reach style paint scheme. I just love this blue and want to show more of it

Hein B287

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I never get sick of seeing these beatifully crafted helmets. Really need to get my own ass back into gear and get back to it


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This may be of interest to you, I modeled these a while back. Super quick and easy print.



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Haven’t posted in awhile. Been really busy with life. Anyhow, I templated out the sleeves for the undersuit using a long sleeve shirt. Drew on the shirt then cut it apart and transferred it to some paper. Will get these sewed up when I have the time.



I also sewed the base for the undersuit. Most of it won’t be visible under the plate carrier except for the neck area. Decided the grey zipper isn’t accurate enough, need to get a black zipper. I’ll post better pictures of this when I get it done
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