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ODST Working Flip Visor

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Rock Lobbster, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    Hey there everyone! I have been a part of the Facebook group for a while now but I have never posted here. So here is what I’m working on. It is a flip up ODST visor to show combat mode and the clear visor. I have a vacuum formed visor coming in soon (Thank you Sorren Tromp) for the outer visor. I have 3D printed, wired, and coded this entire program and I made the current visor soon. This has been a random love product that I’ve been wanting to do for a while along with the armor. While I don’t have many pictures from the build I will try to provide as many detailed photos as I can.

    How did I do it? Here’s a semi comprehensive guide:

    First I 3D printed the helmet I used this file here 3D Printable Halo 3 ODST helmet Wearable Cosplay by jeffrey

    All photo/videos are linked here:
    ODST Helmet - Google Drive
    1. After that it was plenty of dremeling and sanding to get it to the point I wanted. That and bondo, lots of bondo and caulk.

    2. I than bought some electronics offline mainly comprising of an Arduino Uno, a servo motor, and I went from an IR sensor and remote to instead using a reed switch and a magnet in my 2nd version of the helmet.

    3. Once the wiring was done I used a modified code I found (had to adjust settings, switch setting, and other variables) the visor functions were complete!

    4. I had to cut a little servo sized hole in the size of the helmet and then I installed it all inside. An airsoft PEQ battery case was used to fit the Arduino while also acting as a helmet attachment.

    5. A magnet is mounted on one of my gloves so when I swipe my hand past the visor goes up and stays there or goes back down!
    That is all I have for now. Once I get my vac formed visor I can start to add finishing touches, along with a repaint!
    20180601_112233.jpg 20180601_130850.jpg 20180601_130853.jpg 20180601_151539.jpg 20180609_200616.jpg 20180609_200633.jpg 20180609_200745.jpg
    I will post all updates here on this thread!
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  2. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    This is pretty sweet. Id like to see a video of this in action at some point.
  3. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    There should be some videos in the linked Google Folder!
  4. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    Heres a quick vid I that I uploaded to Youtube
  5. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt RCO 405th Regiment Officer


    Words. Fail.

    I am very very impressed, and super duper uber jealous! Very well done!
  6. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    Thank you so much man! Its been an awesome project and has certainly opened up some opportunities within the cosplay world!
  7. Dat1Darkrai


    I want this in all of my helmets now!!!! This is amazing!!!!!!
  8. Dirtdives


    DUDE!!!!! Add this to the Hanukkah list!!!!! I love it.
  9. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    If you have room for a servo and an arduino I recommend!! It adds the sweet extra oomph to the armor
  10. Dat1Darkrai


    Any helmet i get now, i am going to add this to the "things to consider list" when getting a new helmet! :D
  11. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    oh yeah man! Let me know if you need the code or any help with wiring/programming. I am always happy to help!
  12. Dat1Darkrai


    Im thinking about printing the intruder helmet from halo 5. I think it would be a dope helmet/visor to do it for!
  13. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    It has a similar helmet design to the ODST so I'm sure it could work!
  14. Dat1Darkrai


    Oh for sure, the visor is practically the same. The top of the intruder helmet looks like it follows the same curvature as the visor
  15. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    I'm sure it does to be honest. Let me know if you need any more inside shots if your serious about trying this.
  16. Dat1Darkrai


    Im more on the curious side then anything. I opened up the helmet in 3d builder on windows and started messing around with how the visor would act when flipping up. Encountered a bit of a prob.



    As you can see, i made a red copy of the visor portion and had it pivot around the edges of the peripherals and the bottom of the visor would run into the top part of the visor.
    Im fairly certain it is doable, just need to finagle and figure it out. Also i wont want to high jack your thread by continuously talking about this. Sorry! :D

    (model provided from satchmo's model thread found here on the 405th website)
  17. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    I wonder if you did what I did and instead of using the visors bump you could use a flat visor on the inside and a vac formed on the outside? It could potentially work then
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  18. Dat1Darkrai


    I see what you are saying. That could potentially work. Maybe when i get around to printing and making the intruder helmet, i can revisit this idea. I think it'll be dope for any helmet lol
  19. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    For sure man
  20. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Welcome to the forum, Rock Lobbster! I was hoping that you'd post this here. Thank you for sharing and offering to help out others! I suspect that I'll be in touch shortly about rigging up my ODST bucket!
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  21. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    Thank you sir I'm sure that many other people are suddenly inspired to make theirs move which is awesome
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  22. mumgoot

    mumgoot Jr Member

    Awesome! Here's my question. How much did it cost to print the helmet and how/where did you do it? I assume you can rent time at a printer or something? Such a cool idea!
  23. Rock Lobbster

    Rock Lobbster New Member

    It takes around 54 hours to print a helmet and a spool of filament or sowhich is around $20. My friend owns a few so he let's me use them.
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  24. mumgoot

    mumgoot Jr Member

    That's not bad at all. With a little research, I bet I can find a printer that I can use or rent. I'm going to a class at my local college on 3d printing, so maybe they can help me out. Thanks for the answer!
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