Of Armour and a Girl With a Violin


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So I'm not sure if anyone has heard of the hip-hop violinist Lindsey Stirling? She is an amazing musician that covers all sorts of genre's of music and racked up a good few million views on youtube with her talent.

So I've heard some rumours and seen some pictures that for use of a less crude word blew my mind, and In the pictures I recognized some armour belonging to some of our members here on 405th.
I was just wondering if anyone could verify if it is true that Lindsey's next video to go online is Halo themed?

I'm a ridiculously massive fan of her music and would love to know.

Thanks 405th :p
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Feeling those feels man. But I'm so stoked that it's 405th members getting the chance to be in one of her vids, cos you know it's gonna be effing amazing when it comes out.
Cannot. Contain. Excitement.


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Just checked the pics out and yeah they are some of our very own 405thers. Dead jel like! Although the photographer was saying he was shooting on the set of an ad for the Halo 4 release so not sure if it's actually for her vid so its more like she got to be with the 405th guys :p. Even still great to see we got members being part of the ad campaign.

If I am not mistaken that is a most unorthodox violin she has there http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Li...oAQ&biw=768&bih=900#biv=i|1;d|MQoHse1pdxStxM: :)


Jason 078

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She is amazing. I've seen her in person once. Beautiful, talented, and amazing.

She tried to get a group of 501st and Rebel Legion together for some video (a battle scene) behind her, but both groups refused because she was going to use it in a video without donating/paying LFL.


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Drack, if Violins came in that size and shape, I'd start playing :) I do hope it's for one of her video's tbh, or if it is part of an ad campaign I hope she is in it.

Jason, that is so sad, who could turn down that face? I mean really. :p

Brandon McClain

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The director has an information hold until things are wrapped. But yes, Tim, Colin, Walter and several other of our boys were with Lindsay down in southern Utah doing some shooting this week.


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frist were on redvsblue this week and now in one of lindsy video's, man the 405th has really gotten it's name out.


Sorry. I meant something like "shake fist". I'm constantly watching her videos anticipating new ones. I keep thinking how cool it would have been to design an armour for her for a Halo video, something sleek and high-tech to go with her violin. Since she wears themed costumes for Skyrim and Legend of Zelda. Something like the Halo 3 figurines made by David Johnson.


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I was so close to need new Pants as i read Linsey Stirling and HALO in one Post.

And i think i am blind...i saw those Pictures a While ago, but didn´t recognized her...shame on me...

This Video becomes more then EPIC, it goes MYTHIC!