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    CO serenko3 COMMANDING OFFICER - gives out orders to the XO and RMO

    XO Dirtdives EXECUTIVE OFFICER - second in command he carries out orders given from the CO and stands in for CO when CO is unavailable.

    RMO Benton188 - Third in command he deals with helping out new members on costuming, getting a deployment status and joining Colonial regiment.

    To get started in colonial contact the RMO Thank You
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    <points up and gets out his best Senior NCO voice.> Listen up kiddies you see those names up their. They are the ones you want to talk to. And just to make it very clear you most certainly do not want to see me standing on your doorstep. Because if I am standing their looking grumpy it means our Co Ashuraa is annoyed and she has annoyed me with the fact that she is annoyed at you and I have come to restore peace to my quiet little universe and I swear by my Pretty floral Bonnet I will end you.

    Yippeee I got a firefly reference in.
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