Official Halo 4 Reference Thread - including Screenshot Extractor info

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(Shameless copy-paste from the Official Reach Ref thread)
With the site having no user galleries to post into, I'm posting this thread to serve as the collection thread for Reference Pictures for Halo 4.

--Please do not post your random/ funny/ cool screenshots in here, someone can make another thread for that.
This thread will be for useful images for modeling, painting, detailing, etc etc.

--Here's a link to spn_phoenix_92's reference thread, some things you are looking for may be in there. I didn't want to commandeer that thread and then rewrite the whole first post with all these new links, so I started this new thread instead.!

--Here's the Xbox Halo 4 Press Center, which has all/ most of the officially released stills in the highest resolution available:

--Here's an image from user SithVenator on Deviantart, who made a compilation image of all armor types in Halo 4. Refer to this image for labeling, requests, and questions.
(Click to enlarge)

--Here are links to several artists' galleries on CGHub who worked on the game, I'm sure you've seen many of the images floating around but here's where they came from.
Just click each image to go to the respective artist's page.






--Here is spn_phoenix_92's Photobucket page where he's been posting his reference pictures to:

--And here is an incredibly useful link, a Halo 4 Screenshot Extractor! Posted by @ReachChallenge aka HaLo2FrEeEk on HBO. The article in the link contains 2 program downloads and a short tutorial on how to get screenshots from your 360 to your PC and convert those screenshots.

It works and doesn't take too terribly long to set up, I tried it out real quick last night.
The process is a little step-heavy, but it's awesome to have the actual screenshots and not have to mess with a capture card or the added distortion from using a camera aimed at a screen.
Here is the under suit I made and scans from the Halo 4 art book of Palmer and master chief armor.


hi res

Master Chief


hi res


hi res

hey whats up guys long time no halo build on my part, thank you Ruze for this thread

ill update you guys on what I start up first :]
Slight necro, I know - but does anyone have a copy of the screenshot extractor program?
The link on the source page is dead, and can't find any alts.

Slight necro version 2!!!

So. I learned sketchup. Wow was it easy.

What I need then are some requests, and reference pictures to match. I'll start on them when I gots spare time.

I already have all the 3d models i want already thanks :p (well, besides soldier torso but it's already being forged on that anvil over there)

I'm thinking about starting with Stalker, but again... need pictures.

THANKS TO ALL SUPPORTERS! let me make you some models...!
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