Official Halo Reach Reference Thread *Pic Heavy, Spoilers*

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With the site having no user galleries to post into, I'm posting this thread to serve as the collection thread for Reference Pictures for Reach.

--Please do not post your random/ funny/ cool screenshots in here, someone can make another thread for that.
This thread will be for useful images for modeling, painting, detailing, etc etc.

--Here's a link to the old Beta Ref Thread, some things you are looking for may be in there:

--If you have large or lots of images, please post thumbs or links to galleries.

--Please keep in mind that helmets/ armor pieces are unlocked over time with rank, so the majority of them aren't available to most people yet. Things like the Mk V and Mk VI helmet are fairly high rank items. However there are hologram+death glitches that allow you to see some of those, which is how I got shots of the GUNGNIR helmet. Look up holo glitches on Bnet for examples.

--Here's an image from the Halo Wiki (pointed out on hbo by GrimBrother One, I don't know who made it), a compilation image of all permutations in Reach. Refer to this image for labeling, requests, and questions.
(Click to enlarge)

I'll kick us off here,
Halo Reach ODSTs:



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dont have any pix but i would about pay someone to model the gungnir helmet or the new pilot helmet


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Has someone got a frontal view of the Gungnir helmet? I've been looking an thought I had found one, but it was sloped too far downwards. It would be really appreciated if someone had one to share. 7hanks.


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Collar/Breacher (Sorry it's PIC heavy)

I finally managed to get more pics for the Collar/Breacher:
(note that the first one is not wearing the jet-pack while the others are)






If someone could design and unfold this it would be amazing.
Also, if anyone wants pictures like above for any particular piece, please tell me, I'd be happy to help.


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OKAY! Finally I got to Lt. colonel...Heres some pictures of the mark v(A) for eneyone who might be working on the helmet...sorry if the pictures suck and are to big...OH and if you all need more picture my gamertag is Guatamalan Slug and vheck them out on bungie








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Helmet Attachments - All (1)

Well, I said I'd get pictures for all the helmet attachments. Which took me about an hour and a half to get all the pics together so I hope you all enjoy. Totally feel free to say that I failed, but halfway through taking screenshots i realized I could zoom in.....omg. I went back and got good pics on all of them so here we go.
I hope you all appreciate this. @CJ I'm going to message you to make sure that you see these so you have them to get started.
They aren't all perfectly orientated to be exactly on the front or the side for use when modeling so be warned.

I'm going to re-iterate what I posted before on the the attachments:

Technical List of the Halo Reach Helmet Attachments (with Corrections):
• UA =Up-Armored Helmet Variant
UA Variant 1 → Forehead Mounted; seen on Mark V (also receives an extended bill), Pilot, & Security
UA Variant 2 → Forehead Mounted; seen on JFO, ODST, & Recon
UA Variant 2 → Visor/Headband, Mounted from Sides; seen on Air Assault, CQB, CQC, EVA

UA Variant 3 → Forehead Mounted; seen on EOD, Grenadier, Mark V, & Mark VI
UA Variant 4 → Special Integrated Forehead Attachment; seen on Commando

• CBRN = Chemical, Biological, Radiological, & Nuclear (Breathing Mask)
CBRN Variant 1 → Tube-shaped on front of the helmet; seen on CQC, Commando, Hazop, Military Police, ODST, & Scout
CBRN Variant 2 → Gills/Vents added on each side of the helmet; seen on EOD (included by default), Gungnir, & Security​
• CNM = Command Network Module
CNM Variant 1 → Looks like a Flat/Boxy Camera with 2 Apertures; seen on:
ODST, Commando, Hazop, EOD, Grenadier, Mark V, Mark VI, Military Police, EVA, Security, Air Assault​
CNM Variant 2 → Roundish Camera with 2 Apertures; seen on Air Assault, CQB, Operator, Scout, and Mark VI
• CNM-I = Command Network Module-Improved (Upgraded variant of the standard issue SNM unit) → 2-pc Attachment Combo:
Unique Forehead Attachment that looks like night vision goggles & CNM Variant 1; seen on Hazop and Operator (by default)​
• HUL = Hardened Up-Link Module (for MILINT acquisition) → Box that looks like a small Missile Launcher Pod with 4 Missiles;
seen on CQB, CQC, EOD, Hazop, Mark V , ODST, Operator, Recon, Security
NOTE: It would seem as though whoever was naming all the attachments when the game was being developed misnamed some of the variants; often flipping CNM and HUL

• HUL-I = Hardened Up-Link Module-Improved → Unique to the JFO helmet, attached on the top of the helmet; seen on JFO
NOTE: while listed as being on a Mark VI variant, the Mark VI is simply only wearing a CNM Variant 2 and is also mislabeled as having the orginal HUL's description
• HUL [3] = 3rd-Gen Hardened Up-Link Module → Looks like a headset/antenna; seen on Commando (by default), EVA, Pilot, & Recon
• FC = Field Command (I think) → 2-pc Attachment Combo: CNM Variant 1 and HUL; seen on Grenadier
NOTE: Not really sure what "FC" stands for; Field Command seemed like the most likely choice
• FC-I = Field Command-Improved → 2-pc Attachment Combo: Up-Armored Variant w/ CNM Variant 1; seen on Air Assault
• FC-I [2] = 2nd-Gen Field Command-Improved → 2-pc Attachment Combo: CNM Variant 1 & HUL [3]; seen on Commando & Mark VI
• RS = Remote Sensor → listed as HU/RS, but has no HU Tether; seen only on the top of the Scout helmet (Jun's variant)
• HU/RS = Hardened Uplink + Remote Sensor → Camera device with tether; seen on CQB, Gungnir, & Military Police
HU/RS Torch = Torch/Flashlight version of the HU/RS; notably worn by Mickey in Halo 3: ODST and ODSTs in Reach.​
• HESA-E = Hardened External Sensor Array-External → Combo of wearing the 2 attachments: HU/RS + CNM; seen on Military Police

(this has been editied, the former/original list can be found below)
EDIT: This is the old list:

UA(Up-Armored) 4 different Kinds(V, Air Assault, ODST, EOD/Grenadier
HUL(Hardened uplink module: boxy camera thing)
CBRN - 2 Kinds: CQC/ODST(As pictured) or EOD(included in default helmet-did not include pics for this one)/Security
CNM(Command Network Module: flat camera looking thing)
CNM-1(Upgraded Command Network Module) Seen on Operator and Hazop
FC(CNM and HUL) As seen on fully upgraded Grenadier-Uses EOD's UA piece
FC-1(Improved CNM) Seen on Air Assault
RS(Remote Sensor[1]) As seen on the top of Scout(like Jun)
HU/RS(Remote Sensor[2]) As seen on Military Police Variants and CQB
HUL[3](3rd-gen uplink) Seen on Recon, Commando(Carter), EVA

All the pictures are thumbnail links to the larger versions. I tried using BBC Code to make tables so that this wouldnt be so long, but it didnt work and it wasnt the code's fault...... Also, sorry for the triple post, but I didnt really have much of a choice and I cant yet make my own thread.

UA/HUL - Mark V UA is similar to ODST UA but has a bill shaped piece that comes out in the front
th_reach_7133498_Full.jpg th_reach_7133450_Full.jpg th_reach_7133457_Full.jpg
CBRN - Hazop
th_reach_7134944_Full.jpg th_reach_7134945_Full.jpg th_reach_7134955_Full.jpg
th_reach_7133844_Full.jpg th_reach_7133829_Full.jpg th_reach_7133855_Full.jpg th_reach_7133827_Full.jpg
CNM-1 - Hazop
th_reach_7133840_Full.jpg th_reach_7133867_Full.jpg th_reach_7133863_Full.jpg


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Helmet Attachments - All (2)

th_reach_7131739_Full.jpg th_reach_7131807_Full.jpg th_reach_7131806_Full.jpg
FC-1 - Air Assault (The UA on this one is a visor/headband shaped kind of piece)
th_reach_7131803_Full.jpg th_reach_7131764_Full.jpg th_reach_7131814_Full.jpg th_reach_7131805_Full.jpg
RS - Scout (and base Scout to show difference)
th_reach_7132093_Full.jpg th_reach_7132410_Full.jpg th_reach_7132393_Full.jpg
th_reach_7132077_Full.jpg th_reach_7132075_Full.jpg


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Has someone got a frontal view of the Gungnir helmet? I've been looking an thought I had found one, but it was sloped too far downwards. It would be really appreciated if someone had one to share. 7hanks.

I'll see if I could find someone with a hacked account to see if they cant send me any pics. Unless you've already gotten pics from someone.


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Reach Spartan Laser by Request of Chevysrule

th_reach_8099355_Full.jpg th_reach_8099330_Full.jpg th_reach_8099294_Full.jpg th_reach_8099312_Full.jpg th_reach_8099367_Full.jpg th_reach_8099359_Full.jpg th_reach_8099326_Full.jpg th_reach_8099365_Full.jpg th_reach_8099417_Full.jpg th_reach_8099363_Full.jpg
Please keep in mind that I am not sure if these are exact shots, I dont know if they are exactly centered or off by a degree, but I'm sure what I have will definitely help
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