Official Halo Reach Reference Thread *Pic Heavy, Spoilers*

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It's been a while dear friends, a long while...
On the downside, I've been away for 3 years. On the plus side, I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and today I've brought gifts... don't get angry at me for necro-ing this. Seriously though, I bring you some awesome new treats.

First off, is a special little treat for those who don't know, you can now download 360° view versions of your player models like this:

Secondly, the biggest treat of all....

Knowledge on how I've always done my screenshots:
(NOTE: This is slightly different to what I used to do, but this method currently works as of this method, I used to use my service record on, now I use HaloWapoint)
I go into a custom game with a 2nd controller attached, originally, I had a glitched profile that was at the maxed rank and had all the armor, but today I've done screenshots of my own personal spartan model.
I load up a game and walk around for a bit, and I walk the 2nd controller over to my main one. I then try to pose my spartan as best as I can. I am using a female model so that there is more space between the arms and the torso so I can get more detail. Plus, I stupidly believe that they are harder targets to hit lol. Once I do a few poses, I end the match and I go over to Theater and load up the match I just played (you need to sign out of the 2nd controller to play the video). Then you hold the Right Trigger and Fast Forward to the point where you started posing. I like to stop when the spartan's lungs are full and the chest is fully expanded. From here you want to hit "Y" until you are looking through the free moving camera that isn't connected to one of the players. Once you've done that, you can move freely around the game model taking screenshots with the screenshot button as you please. When you've taken all that you want you end the film. Don't forget that you can zoom in by clicking in the Right Thumbstick!!!
Back in the menus, hit [Start] and go to [File Browser] -> [Local Files] -> [Screenshots]. Press "X" on the photos you want to transfer to your computer, and select [Upload to File Share]. Do this for as many photos as you would like. If you choose to make space for photos by deleting things on your file share, be sure to save a copy beforehand.
After you upload the photos from Halo Reach in-game, go to your computer, go to and login to your account. Once you are logged in, hover over [Career] and select [File Share] from what drops down. After that, make sure that you are looking at your Halo Reach file share instead of your Halo 4 one, there is a dropdown menu to select between the two. From there, your photos should show up and you just need to go through the process of opening each one, pressing the [Download] button for them which will open a High-Res version of the image in a new tab and then right click and save the photo. I typically remove the photo from my file share after I've downloaded it.

This is a new album with 39 new reference pictures that I've taken: Reference Pics - New

There is a button combo for lowering your weapon!!!!! (in System Linked & Local games only) if you Hold [Action/Reload] + [Switch Grenades] + [Zoom] + [Down(Dpad)] together for 2 seconds you will lower your weapon. I just wish we had known about this long ago when we were taking reference pictures of the chest/torso models. Combine this method with an energy sword for the best results.

While I mostly wanted to take some references for myself, there are a lot of images on the fine details like the undersuit and the caution labels, and I wanted to make sure I shared everything with everyone here.
....I still can't tell what the caution labels say though, does anyone actually know what they say?

EDIT: All photos in the album have now been renamed and sorted.

EDIT 2: In the album, to view the original of an image, select the image, and then hit the [Zoom] magnifying glass in the lower right-hand corner twice.
It is interesting to note that the resolution of photos you pull from have a higher resolution than the ones previously downloaded from!!! :D

EDIT 3: When viewing the album, make sure if you click the image above to then go to the gallery view after clicking the image. That should set the pictures into the correct order. Otherwise they are kind've jumbled around.


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Ha, been doing this for awhile now; glad someone did a writeup!

Another bit to add to this walkthrough on capturing those pesky details:

-when your character dies in forge (or anywhere for that matter) the camera in theater mode is then able to travel through the character model allowing for interior pictures and perspectives not available otherwise. I found the best way was to kill the model character by an explosion (or midair death) thus launching it into the air giving the camera addition travel area. Once you have few good deaths where the model is launched into the air you can proceed over to theater; fast forward to your death launches, record and save those clips, take the camera and fly into the interior of your model for those never before seen angles, and screenshot!

When the model character dies in an explosion (or midair death), the arms and limbs flail outwards producing angles and views not available by standard posing. Just take your time looking at a paused midair death from different angles (via the forge camera) and take a screenshot of your best reference angles.


You can view the released armor files in a modeling program with the textures applied and do the exact same thing without an obstructed view. Heck take a screen shot in wireframe mode and boom! Instant blueprints.


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Maybe I missed something, I'm not sure. I've looked here and elsewhere, how do you get the 360° shot of your Spartan? That's an amazing reference. And thanks for the trick on lowering the weapon, I didn't know that either.

as a whole, this has been a great thread!
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