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OFFICIAL: Membership Requirements and Rules of Conduct

Discussion in 'Canadian Regiment' started by SPARTAN II, Sep 4, 2014.



    Membership Requirements:

    At this point in time we are working on creating one, however once the official Regiment requirements are posted, ours will be replaced with the ones outlined.

    Located in one of our member provinces or regularly attend a convention in them.

    Areas we currently cover (will expand to cover other provinces/regions as membership grows):

    • Ontario
    • Quebec
    • Saskatchewan
    • Alberta
    • British Columbia

    Major convention examples:

    • Fan Expo (Toronto, Vancouver)
    • Comic Con (Ottawa, Montreal)

    Rules of Conduct

    In addition to forum guidelines, ALL 405th Canadian members must abide by the additional rules of conduct when at conventions and events. Failure to abide by these rules may result in removal and barring from future events under the arm of the 405th Canadian Regiment.

    When Appearing in 405th Capacity

    343i has specified that they do not wish to put any guidelines to our behaviour as they enjoy the spontaneity and humour that unofficial costumers can provide. However, there are several internal guidelines members should abide by:

    • Be courteous and respectful of fellow fans and costumers
    • Do not handle another person's props/costumes without their permission
    • No 405th member is obligated to participate in any photoshoot they do not wish to be a part of
    • Do not solicit 343i or any other organization for free items, line priority, event entry, etc.

    Gathering organizers may at times ask 343i to set aside posters, etc. for members busy with a photoshoot. Please designate one representative speak to 343i for these situations instead of coming up individually. We HAVE had complaints from 343i in the past about 405th members feeling they were owed items/"convention swag" for being in costume. In order to maintain good relations with 343i, this rule will be strictly enforced and any members found using their costumes in an attempt to gain special privileges will not be welcome at future 405th events. 343i already gives us many gifts and considerations of their own accord and it is rude to keep asking for more. If you are here for special perks, you are here for the wrong reasons.

    When Appearing in Official 343i Capacity

    343i occasionally invites 405th members to be on stage at conventions or to be an official part of their booth. During those times we are representatives of 343i and must abide by their "Spartan rules" which include the following:

    • Act in a professional and 'Spartan' manner
    • No overly aggressive poses.
    • No submissive poses
    • No "Victory Crouching"/Tea-bagging
    • No pointing guns at fans, 'assassination' photos, hostage photos, etc. Tasteful pictures only.
    • Spartans may NOT remove their helmet. Spartans must exit the official area if they require a break. ODSTs and Marines are allowed to remove helmets.
    • When backstage at a panel, lights must be turned off or covered and noise devices disabled so as not to distract from the panel.
    • Do not harass special guests.

    As the 405th as a whole is an evolving organization, please note that these requirements are subject to possible change. This thread will be updated appropriately when needed. The format used in this post is being temporarily used from the original created by the Pacific Regiment of the 405th.

    EDIT: Please read the following thread --> http://www.405th.com/faq.php?faq=405th_costuming_club, for the new membership requirements as set forth by the 405th's Costuming Club Mantle. Thank you.

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