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Okay, I know there's no way I'm the only Minecrafter in this den of nerds/geeks. (Mmm, political correctness) So, post about your Minecraft adventures, projects, oddities, and all that jazz.

Right now, I'm working on a project, myself: Build a full-scale Loki-class Light Assault Frigate (a ship of my and my friend's design in our Sophomore year of high school). I originally planned to do it on my friend, Scott's, server, but he shut it down, so I'm just doing a proof-of-concept on a test world of my own right now.

I call it FFS-086 Dresden Night

It's 544 meters long, or something like that (I got the side profile basically down in the map, but there were a few errors along the way), and over 100 meters tall. In this image, it almost looks small. In Minecraft, it takes 5 minutes to walk stem to stern.

From MCCartograph:

Anyway, come on, share your own stories, projects, pictures, videos, or whatever else you've done in Minecraft.


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Hey man!

I just started playing minecraft about 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it! I am planning on making a HUGE mob trap at the moment.


I remember when it was a milestone that Minecraft had been bought 1000 times in one day.

I lack the creativity to build nice structures; I always end up with either some deep underground vault or a shanty shack.


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That ship is in a really unfortunate spot. The cloud layer runs right through the bridge. I think I may have just enough room to put a WorldEdit region around the whole thing and move it up just enough so the clouds run through the empty space below it.

Unfortunately, since I updated to 1.5, WorldEdit doesn't work right now, and I don't want to bugger with MCEdit.


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Holy Crap! The biggest thing Iv'e ever built is the Defiant from Star Trek. Thats looking like its gonna be pretty awesome!
Making the USS Defiant (NX-74205) From Star Trek DS9!

Length: 120m
Width: 82m
Height: 24m
ISO View:

Nice Shot:

And Here's the Primary Reference Source:
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That looks pretty cool, man. I'm gonna try and cut my machine's processes to zero in a bit and do some more building on the Night. Stupid PC's running slower than ever. I need more RAM.

I think, now that I have the side profile of the center laid out, I'll start the actual skeleton. Wish me luck.

Oh, by the way, Sith, I really don't feel like registering on Projectgenesis. Hope you don't mind :p


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Update: I have some work done on the bow skeleton.

The plan is to get the skeleton done on the one side, then copy and flip it to the other half, and fill the behemoth in from there. I have a looong way to go.


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Don't be discouraged, man. This is all about sharing. I'd love to see your creations.

Moving on, an update on Dresden Night:

I got that far and kept crashing. Minecraft? More like Minecrashed.


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Don't despair, man, it's all about creativity and time. Honestly, I didn't even come up with the original concept for this ship. That was in 10th grade Chemistry, when my friend, Bill, doodled a bunch of shapes onto each other, and I noted it looked like a starship. From there, I just refined the concept. This design is actually older than Minecraft, now. All I've done is applied inspiration to a medium. It's little different from making prop armor. You apply your inspiration to the medium of paper, clay, fiberglass, bondo, foam, paint- whatever you have available, and something amazing comes out.

And, to be frank, I'm cheating. This ship is being built with the Single Player Commands and WorldEdit mods installed. Otherwise, I'd never get it done.


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Hey guys so I started up a minecraft series on youtube. Just wanted to see if anyone likes it so far. Comments would help, so Thanks!

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