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Magnets or just attach it back there..
I dunno'.. it might be tricky to trust a magnet, I'd rather use a post or something and make a positive lock with it. Otherwise you run the risk of it falling, or someone grabbing it off your back and hauling ass with it.

However, if you decide to use a magnet, use 4 of them. Two positions on the rifle itself, and two positions on the back, to stop it from rotating.
Maybe that'll help with choosing a magnet.

If the magnet is too strong, it'll stop you from pulling off the rifle without risking damage. If it's not strong enough, and the backplate or rifle isn't adjusted to stop from slipping, it'll slip down your back enough to disengage the magnets if you jog it at all.
true...if i use a post system then it will make it really ez for someone to rip it off of me
i was thinking along of lines of a electric magnet. have a switch on the AR turn it off then the AR comes off the back, thats what we used in a show where we took a head off a dummie and put it on a table and we held it in place with a electric magnet, so it turn into a puppet
well, adam took some pics with his camera pointed at the screen. then i screen capped some. and these were found on

these are the highest quality screens so far.
tell which one's you need and i'll try to get them, see my thread with screen caps for the one of it on his back and a focused one of it on the ground. 8)
could you get them a really high rez and send them to me (one on the back mainly) i'll pm you with my email
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