Oh no! Resin error?!

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Alright, I resined at about seven o clock PM. I filled the resin cap with foil and then the resin. I put about 25 drops in and mixed it to what I thought was sufficient. It is now 12:25 and it still feels wet and sticky. It's drying outside and I'm worried it's ruined! Anyone know how to fix my dilemna! Of all days for this to happen, it has to be the night before midnight madness.

On a side note, many of us will have Halo 3 in our possession within the next 24 hours, I'm so happy!
Polyester resin cures through a thermal reaction... meaning add heat and it will cure faster.

Leave it out in the sun for several hours... don't take a heat gun to it though, because it can warp from too much heat...
Thanks for the quick response!

I thought the stuff heated automatically? I guess I shouldn't have done it at night then, huh? Hopefully it'll cure while I'm at school. But you don't think I messed it up, do you?

I wish I had a hair dryer
I repeat, do not take a heat gun to your armor. It will warp unless done VERY carefully.

Normally the resin makes it's own heat due to a chemical reaction between the catalyst and the polyester. But if you undermixed the hardener, or if you got a bad batch the reaction won't happen on it's own.

Even leaving it in a hot room, or the trunk of a car might help... It will cure eventually. Resin will harden itself withough the hardener added if it's exposed to air and heat long enough...
Okay, so it's just a catalyst? Thank you so much. I was under the assumption that resin+hardener=hard material, not that it just sped it up. Alright, maybe I'll throw it into the back of my Cadillac. It's stuck in my drive way anyways because I was hit by some stupid teen who tried to pass on my left when I was turning left. Grr... I just hope the resin doesn't get all stuck in my upholstery or carpeting.

Thanks again Sean, you're a wonderful help. I wish there was a donate button, heh. I'll probably buy one of your helms when you're selling again.

Also.... Hair dryer=heat gun?
Well a hair dryer is basically the same thing...

Be careful with just tossing it into the back of your Caddy and leaving it there all day... it could get hot enough to warp in there...

Best to introduce it to heat for a few hours at a time..
Heh, maybe I'll just wear it while I wait in line for Halo. My body will probably produce enough heat. I could bring newspaper and spray paint the armor and add straps while I wait. I'll be there for a while anyways.
wouldnt applying another coat of resin seal it? maby if you mixed it with a load of catolist it would help cure the lower one(but might also cause more plroblems then its worth, definatly recomend a test peice)
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