ok im going to start whit the last thing i did XD


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ok my jun left thigh & add on , alot of this is free hand so sorry that i dont have a file fore it, i made the bag so when its full it has the same basic shape as when its empty
it full
i only have about a week left to finish the hole thing so i made it in about 4 or 5 h i didnt over do the scaring on it i also painted up my shin
there really nice fit whit the thigh i can move around whit out them rubbing
these my chest i free handed some of it also im trying to make a jun like costume but a bit more green so i only the front of the neck because the rest of it will not even be seen whit the camonetting on im still working on the back pack here is the mane part
i only have one tight and the cod to make