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Ok i just printed my Pepakura Mark VI helmet and i dont know what lines are moutain fold and what lines are valley folds ive searched and cant find any thing if there is a tread please link me



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The ones that are dashed (------) are mountain folds, while the ones that look like a centerline (long dash, dash, long dash) are valley folds.

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That is only the case with default line configurations. You can change the symbols in the 2d tab Line Configuration option.

However, this is answered in several stickies in the pepakura forum. You will have a lot easier go of it if you read them before attempting anything.

In the case that you haven't really looked around yet, there are several types of Mk VI pepakura helms. The one in the How to Use Pepakura sticky is the H2, Slyfo has the H3, and dannifood4less and flying_squirrel have custom-detailed H3s.
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