omfg halo wars es demonstration


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No offence dude but, this guy posted this a 3 months ago. Even if you got it the day it came out 2 hours after, it would seem old to us. We are the Halo community, remember when the first Halo 3 Vi Doc launched. Everyone posted it about 2 minutes after on Bungie.Net, there were guys flaming on how they were living under rocks and didn't know anything. I wouldn't want this happening to you. Sorry for any inconvienence.

alright i didnt know alright seriously you cant expect a 12 your old kid 2 sit on his ass all day lokign up every thing abought halo on the computer


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you dont have to sit on your "butt" all day to find these things.

maybe you should take a break from the internet for a while, you know, to cool down and stuff. you are coming off as very hostile and you wont get very far like that. And you are using a lot of foul language for a 12 year old...