Once again a moment of silence for France (PLEASE HELP FRENCH MEMBERS)


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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen as we know in the night we saw the terrorist attack on France with attacks on the city and the loss of 84 to the time of writing this post find this hard to see and harder to accept the worst part being I'm out here at the moment on holiday the streets are lined with tributes if it is possible as a mark of respect can we all stop building today just for the day just as a sign of respect towards the attacks

I hope none of you were caught up it the happening also I hope every single member of this 405th European Regiment are safe and so are there family right now

This is a request if any of you are of the age to give blood in France please do just one pint could be the difference between someone living or dying at this point in time ever pint matters: https://www.dondusang.net/rewrite/heading/1000/ou-donner/rechercher-une-collecte.htm?idRubrique=1000

Im sure anything you can provide to the families affected in the area would be welcome no matter if its bottles of water to food for the help centres

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