Foam ONI Operative/ODST Armor!

Zach 009

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I wanted to try color shift paints on one half of ornament.
Another idea I'm thinking of is dying the other ornament green and using like a circle light for it, something like this.
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Zach 009

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I heard tales of the odst shins, so I'm planning ahead by making the back lower half have elastic straps, I'll upload some pics later if an idea

Zach 009

Sr Member
Finished the shin, I wanted a whole piece so I used elastic straps at the bottom, and it fits snuggly. Here are the pics!.
20210313_124848.jpg 20210313_124851.jpg 20210313_124853.jpg
This is where I decided to have my elastics and it proved to be a good spot for keep the silhouette.
Here is the back side of the shins.
20210313_124900.jpg 20210313_124902.jpg 20210313_124904.jpg
Then I combined the two pieces to make the shin(duh, you guys could have guessed that)
20210313_125404.jpg 20210313_125408.jpg 20210313_125410.jpg
20210313_125424.jpg 20210313_125426.jpg
Also made two of them, I'll post both, ya know for proof.

Next is the knee guards/plates.
So later guys!

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