Open Forum Q & A Invite

I would want to sign up, but I don't have skype and I don't think I have a mic.....could you maybe somehow record it for other people to listen to? Because I would be interested in hearing about it.

10 -405th members

5 - YouTubers

2 Hrs

5 Questions each (some questions will be repeats so pay attention)

Going to be doing this 1-2 times a month.

By invite only, attenties will be chosen at random. Attendies will rotate through the list.

Have your account ready (it's free), have you questions ready, and be there by 8pm CST.

I will contact those who are being will be asked to attend, by fri. night, so besure to leave contact info. Post here, or in my youtube comments sec.




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NSC, you can put me down on your list of Skype people to be picked. I have Skype, use it a lot with friends and family and I think this is a good idea to really get the idea and Q&A stuff done. I know I have questions still bc of wanting to get into new stuff but I hope that I can also help answer questions too since I, like yourself, get questions everyday from Youtubers and 405th members of all kinds of stuff. So answering questions for "noobs" or other members isn't new to me. I been doing it since really day one.

So just shoot me a PM or email me on any info you have.


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Hey Joe,

Awesome idea! I would like to offer to help if there's anything I can do. My Youtube isn't as popular as most of the other 405thers, but I still get my share of people asking questions. I've got a Skype already, drakku2004 if you want to just add me for future use, lol.

Also, I have a quickstart guide to the Pep method that I passed out during the 405th Workshop at GenCon, so I can make a downloadable version if you want to mention it. It covers the bare essentials, which I'm sure would cut down the base questions.