Operation-last One Standing

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Ok, Today, I had to to a short story for english class. So, I decided to do "The untold story of OPERATION-LAST ONE STANDING." Its about a new sniper and spotter who are sent to cover the 4 Marines and 2 ODST from the 3'rd halo 3 short film.

Hope you like it.

BY: Xtreme TACTICS 101
Febuary 24, 2009

Based off of the Halo 3 short film "Last One Standing".

The Pelican Dropship, moving swiftly through the night sky with its two passengers, Pilot, and Co-Pilot began to set down in the wet, murky bog.

The Com. Channel flicked on, "Sniper Team Charlie, ETA to Drop Zone, 30 seconds."

Private. Joey Conner looked nervously at the man sitting across from him. For the next 24 hours, that man would be his spotter, and brother in combat in one of the most important UNSC operations known to date. OPERATION-LAST ONE STANDING. The words had hounted Joey for the last 12 hours he had known them. The objective was to cover 3/1 Bravo, a squad of 4 marines while they held off the Brute invaders. Mean while, A team of 2 highly trained ODST's, Bravo 21 and Bravo 22 AKA 2BN/3U would locate the Lazer Designator that had been dropped from a Pelican Dropship, and use it to estimate the trajectory of Master Chief Petty Officer John 117, the last remaining super soldier of the UNSC. Once the mission is completed, everyone falls back into the military base code named RATS NEST. This entire time, him and SRG. Brad Heartly were to cover the Marines as best they could from the Brutes. This being Joey's first mission, it scared him to death that if he screwed up, it would cost the lives of the men and women down there.

The red drop light flicked on. SRG. Heartly looked over to Joey sitting across from him. His facial features blurred by the nights dark and the Military make-up he was wearing. His nervous, bright eyes staring at the floor. In unison, they stood up, and began to check their own gear. In 20 seconds, they would have to crawl for 500M undetected, set up their sniping position, and waited for the fun to start.

* * *

It was day break now. Both Joey and Brad were in position. The suns rays pouring down onto them in their ghillie suits. The heat began to build up inside the ghillies like a furnace. They now just had to wait. It was still a matter of around 8 hours, but Joey was already beginning to tense up. A bead of sweat began to form on his brow. His concentration completely un-disturbed. Brad directed his attention back to his spotting scope. "Keep watch" he thought to himself. "Your job is close at hand".

* * *

Brad's voice was barely a whisper. "We have the package. Get ready for imminent contact."

Joey knew exactly what to do at this point in time. He was fresh out of Scout/Sniper training, but the instructors had drilled it so far into his head he could do everything he was tought in his sleep. Joey raised the butt of his sniper stock to his shoulder. He thought to himself "500M away a single bullet from this rifle can go clean through 13 feet of flesh and bone. Our range is 1km, so I have roughly 20 feet of flesh and bone to work with. Four 14 x 114mm rounds in a mag, 4 mags, 16 shots. Got to make them count."

Joey peered through his 34x scope. He saw a Warthog emerge through the maze of concrete walls. It stopped, and thats when Joey, against his own better judgement, relayed the com link to his speakers. He set the volume to low, and listened as he watched.

The ODST in the driver seat jumped out. He ran to the other side of the hog. Doing so, he heard over the com channel "Medic! Hey, Medic!" A Marine Medic ran to them and as they were preparing to lift the no doubt wounded ODST from the warthog, The same voice came on the com channel "Private...?"

The private winced and yelled back "I can do it!" As the medic and ODST lifted and began to drag the wounded ODST to cover, the wounded ODST yelped. At the same time, Joey saw what had happened. A 12 inch spiker round had been shot into Bravo 22's chest cavity, blood splattered around the spike. Joey fixed his sight and watched in horror as Bravo 21 painfully said to the Medic as she removed his helmet "Just get this thing out of me, now! Ugh!"

"Can you do your job?" Bravo 21 asked.

"Yeah." The wounded ODST painfully whimppered as the medic checked out his wound.

Bravo 21 than turned and jogged out of Joey's sight.

As the Medic bent over to remove the spike from The wounded ODST's stomach, she said through gritted teeth and as she pulled "HOLD STILL!!" The ODST groned in pain as doing the Medic removed the spike and through it on the ground beside him. She than removed a small package from her Med mag and tore it open with her teeth. She poured the contents of the package onto the ODST's wound. As the grey powder went into the ODST's wound, he began to scream, but quickly stopped and instead began to whine in pain.

Joey than moved his line of sight through the scope to the other ODST. He could not find him. He than heard Bravo 21 scream over the com. He than saw an explosion of a grenade blow a piece of a concrete wall away, and saw the ODST roll from around the wall dropping his rifle. Following him was a Brute Chieftan with a huge hammer in its fists. The ODST reached for his side arm, but was cut off by the hammer of the brute smashing into his side. Joey than heard the most intence scream as the ODST flung into the wall beside him. He fell from the wall leaving a splatter of blood and chunks of bone and his armour on the wall. The brute Chieftan than lifted its hammer above its head and impailed the ODST.

Brad whispered harshly at him. "Take that bastard out. Nine o-clock low, left 16, up 24. Fire when ready"

Joey was quick to find the mark. He squeezed the trigger of his sniper rifle and the recoil of the rifle punched his shoulder. He saw the bullet impact the wall beside the Brute. He cursed under his breath and shot again, more careful this time. The bullet tore into the beast's arm. Before Joey could fire again, the Brute had ducked into cover. Joey than moved his focus to a lone Marine. The marine began to fire at 2 brutes. One dropped, the second returned fire. The Marine was than hit by one of the spiker rounds. His arm went up and was pinned by the spike to the wall behind him. The marine than let out a loud, terrifying scream, and as he stood there, firing just as a third brute came up the second brute dropped.

Brad whispered into his ear "Target, 8 o-clock low, right 19, down 12. Fire when ready.

Joey focused on the brute, and after waiting 15 seconds, fired. The Brute stood still for 2 seconds, than the bullet tore into his head. Its body went limp, and crashed to the ground in a pool of blood.

"Good shot kid!" Brad exclaimed.

Joey turned his attention back to the marine pinned to the wall. He heard the voice of the marine on the com channel. "Aughhh!!!, MEDIC!!!" Just as soon as he yelled Medic, the Medic was dashing away from a reciently KIA marine. The medic reached him, and grabbed a electric saw from her bag. She turned around just as an enemy aircraft shot at them. "Incoming!" The medic yelled, and just as she said that, the marine pinned to the wall put his head down, and an explosion went off only a few inches away from his head. The Medic quickly recovered, and began to cut through the spike that was pinning the marine to the wall. The marine screamed in agony.

Just as the marine was freed, Joey watched the wounded ODST lift the lazer designator, lock onto the falling object in the distance. He than said over the com channel in a low, pain filled voice "Target... Acquired."

A marine, just hearing this yelled at the top of his lungs, "Roger! Fall back! FALL BACK!!" Everyone made their way into the tunnel that they had came out of that leads to the RATS NEST.

Over the com channel, they herd the Oscar 6 Pilot saying "That's it; we got him. Recovery team has his coordinates, touching down soon. Fall Back. Fall Back."

Joey than watched as one of the marines lifted a rocket launcher at the brute chieftan that he had shot earlier. Joey than looked at the Brute, set his sights on him, and squeezed the trigger. The brute hardly had any time to realize he was hit when a rocket hit him in the chest, and he exploded into hundreds of pieces and fragments of armour.

"Not too bad kid." Brad whispered into Joey's ear.

The mission was over, but the war was far from won.

Hope you liked it!

PROTIP: In the beginning, "insurgents" implies the Brutes were once under human rule and are rebelling

I suggest using a word such as "invaders", or "interlopers". Invaders would be a better choice, but heh.
Wow , I like it. just a thought maybe you can come up with the story from locking onto the Chief until Sgt.Johnson Finds Chief.

Ok, story edited with "invaders".

Now, as for the part actually finding the Master Chief, I believe WETA was going to make a short film about that part too. They just decided not to. I may or may not wright something about that, but right now im working on getting a great idea for a short film. what you just said may be a great idea, but I have no money what so ever to make costumes, or pay somebody to do Computer Graphics and special effects.

If another short story in school is required, I will do something on that.

Hmm... story writing.

I do a bit of writing. I have three or so stories but I always get stuck around 70,000 words and don't feel like writing after that. I need to finish those up...
Meh, I have a story written up about a follow-up to a SPARTAN program, but that's beside the point right now since it absolutely blows and I need to revise it.

tl;dr, I can write but suck at it.
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