Oppinion on ID and Insignia


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Hello! I’m putting together my first costume. It’s meant to be an ONI Field Agent, like Locke’s Team or the Ferrets, and I’m trying to make a bit of an original piece. It’ll feature more of the greens of the UNSC and is meant to be able to sort of blend in more with the standard soldier as opposed to the more distinct black uniforms. But that is not the concern of this thread!

I’m still in the early process of getting material ready. I lack the artistic ability (and resources) to make my own patches and such, so I’ll be ordering some to Velcro and iron onto the uniform. Two of the pieces I’m planning to use are original designs, however, and before I start to place the custom orders I would love some feedback and any suggestions!

The first is an ID card. I plan to have this mounted on the shoulder, like Locke’s team had, although the design is one of my own creation. Personal details include full name with middle initial, rank, and service number. Then below that is which section the cardholder belongs to. Issue and expiration dates are located below the photo box. And the quote at the bottom is ONI’s motto.

ONI ID.jpg

Secondly is a rank patch. The insignia is that of a Warrant Officer, inspired by the one Warrant Officer Ramos displayed in Nightfall. I tried recreating it as close I could. What I’m sort of unsure about at the moment will be dimensions. It’ll display on the shoulder, like Locke’s team wore their ranks. However, I don’t have too much space to work with on the shirt I’m using. It’s roughly a 3inx4in (LxW) space, and that would be filling it. The current idea I have is 2.71x1.9, but I’m unsure if this would be too small or decent proportions to begins with. I’ve never been very good with sizes haha.

Ramos Reference.jpg


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Welcome to the 405th! This sounds like a cool idea. I'd recommend using the same font from the UNSC logo for the UNSC wordmark on your ID. Not exactly sure what that font is (assuming it is a font and not custom) but you could just crop it from the logo. I'd also suggest using a sans serif font for the whole ID instead of a serif. Real-world IDs almost always use sans serif.

Looking forward to seeing it all come together!


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Thank you very much for the suggestions. I did some digging and found a font called Space Wham, which is very similar to the font in the Human-Covenant War era (which is the era this costume is meant to be set in). It's not perfect, but it gets the job done and is public domain. Here's a link in case anyone else is interested: Space Wham Font | Pixel Kitchen | FontSpace