Optimus Bristol, UK - After Action Report


Hey all, so Optimus was on Saturday, and I've only just managed to collect a few photos worthy of posting :D

So this was a first time event for the venue and location, however it was run by an experienced Con organizer group, the staff were awesome and friendly and there was a cool selection of guests.
I traveled via train in costume and I had to walk past a M.O.D base, so for future I need to think of a better way of transporting myself with less risk :b

I brought my friend along to take photos for me, and most of these are his, a few are randoms ones I found online, and a few others are by a fellow member here called Mombo :)

So, here are the pics :D

t0sCgyr.jpgKpS5qoR.jpg - These pictures are random ones I took :)

6hRsezC.jpgb6M2Nhr.jpgJMLOtaT.jpgdcuDE6F.jpggsV1IOj.jpg - These are random pictures I collected of Me, a fellow Queen's 23rd ODST, and Mombo and his sister who we met up with :D



q3vBDLJ.jpggHVC2J0.jpg - These are photos taken by Mombo

ccbj92R.jpgCYBteBt.jpgKHwwXPF.jpgCzeHvSY.jpg - These pictures were taken by my friend :p

Aaaand I ran out of attachment space oops, will be continued next post :b


Okay last 2-3 pics I promise :b


ALSO, I did my armour registration photo thing, and immediately I decided I'm remaking parts xP What do you think? Any constructive criticism is appreciated :)
View attachment BE9tR9A.jpg


Cripes. that's a full truckload of good looking ODST's. I thought you'd be the only one. :D

Great pictures, definitly had a better camera man then me. :) (now dodging deadly attack from daughter - fended her of with a new phone equipped with a MUCH better camera which she can put into good use next time - )

It's clear to see you had a lot of fun there, and that's exactly what the point of all this should be. Job well done,

Stand down, ODST ! :)