Otaku House Cosplay Idol Finals (Need your vote!)

Hello fellow 405thers,

I've been gone from the forums for a while, but I return asking for your aid.
Just today, the finals for the Otaku House Cosplay Idol have begin and I'm in the top 40 out of 1600. I made it to the finals with my Silent Hill Lurker cosplay. I entered my 7 from the movie 9, Mass Effect Tali and Dr. Who Silence for his round.

Please take the time to view my page and possibly give me a vote. Voting is done at the top of the page with the 'like' button or the google button.
My page is here: http://www.otakuhouse.com/cosplay-idol/north-america-finalists-2011/april-martin/

Thank you everyone! Please spread this around!